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Noah Cochran


Is he using an arming sword, a sidesword, or something else?

I believe an arming sword (or a practice version of it), but I’ll look into that. xD

Less is more, focus on the feeling you’re trying to show with it, and this is one time where you can get away with telling. Sometimes telling is better than showing. Just your point across as briefly and economically as possible.

Great examples! I’ll work on that. Also, thank God for cabbage, I’m keeping the lavender.

I suppose I’ll scratch the lace though. Oh, and I’ll get back to ya on the scarlet and black colors things soon. 😏

Do you think it would ever be appropriate to have characters with shirts tucked into belts in the medieval France,

I was chatting with Cathy and I was gushing about how much I was enjoying your manuscript and she mentioned she hadn’t got it yet. Is that an oversight or are you planning to ask her for a later round of revisions?

Oh, Cathy. 😄 I sent her the beta document and she just got back to me last night, so if anything, she’s the tardy one. 😉

I’ll get it to her this evening hopefully.

And when I say I was gushing about it that wasn’t an exaggeration. I just excitedly and confusedly narrated the plot to my family while flapping my cloak like a hyperactive bat. (Yes, I was wearing a cloak in the house. It’s winter. I was cold.) That plot twist in the second part though!!!

*suppresses my elated reaction to reading that*

I’m glad you’re enjoying it. 🙂

Also, Rose, you really were born in the wrong era. You’re a cloak wearing, horse riding, sword wielding, warrior woman.


I’m leaving but I must tell you that you need to catch or on our other thread. I’ve since become President and I answered your question on predestination. I saw you turned your notifications off which was a TERRIBLE move man

Erynne, Erynne, calm down.😄

I have my notifications turned off for every thread on SE, I don’t like the emails. Instead, I get onto SE and check my notifications  there (and I’m still getting them from that thread, trust me), I’ll respond momentarily my friend.

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