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(dang she had to come back with that…fyi that was take one-hundred-and-billion XDD)
*sinks behind desk with a book over my face XDDDD*

Sorry I didn’t mean to embarass you but IT WAS SO PRETTY!!!

IKR!!!!!!!! IT’S EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH I LOVE THAT ONE IT’S ONE OF MY

Yesss!!! Just the drama of it!!!!

Five second rule, honey

Bacteria wouldn’t dare break the international agreement of five seconds.

I don’t recall that conversation on Pinterest and you have no evidence for it

*Rummages through the conversation and screenshots it.* Legal evidence 😇😇 (Or blackmail? Which is it?)

Nah we just swapped brains and have to go on an epic quest to fix that

OOH, THAT’S A COOL BOOK PLOT!!! XD (jk, kinda) Oh, that actually explains a lot… How are you dealing with my brain, I never meant to inflict that on you XD Nobody else was supposed to deal with that…

 I have ridiculously vivid dreams sometimes and I know I’m dreaming while I’m dreaming so I do whatever dumb stuff I like up to and including: being so bored in a dream-shop I wandered into to buy something for my first dream I dashed at
ramming speed into a wall and that woke me up (my intention was to get to another dream…), sit there kidnapped by a serial killer like “dang, all I have to do is break the walls but dang that’s too stupidly easy can I just pretend I can’t escape and see where this is headed?”

That’s… unique XD LOL, that’s the weirdest XD Sounds kinda fun though!

usually I was dashing down video-game halls that were invariably unlit and there were no lights and it was so obnoxious and searching for my siblings to warn them before they were murdered by the demonic spider.

*Squints suspiciously* This sounds extremely familiar.

LOL, I forgot another frequent dream incident is that I dream I’m one of my characters. Or just another character that I don’t know. I just know I’m not myself, it’s very weird XD

This has happened with Liorah but mostly with Aydin. I’ve had dreams from his POV several times which is weird since I don’t even relate to him that much? I guess I just think about him a lot.

I actually had another Aydin dream last night. It’s usually some kind of weird AU thing but sometimes it’s just a detailed retelling of a scene I’d been plotting. And I instantly forget it upon waking up.

You do have a pretty epic accent!

Thanks, it was a gift from my parents 😁


I’m staying out of this one. I just wanna see when she figures it out… 😈


I’m either going to die from being sarcastic at a bad time or my clumsiness is gonna get me XD

LOL, I’ll either walk off something because I was daydreaming or I’ll just recognize something is dangerous and throw myself into it with more enthousiasm than wisdom.

That’s pretty hilarious. My favorite dreams are the ones you can control. They’re also my least favorite because they seem to be the most bizarre which makes it impossible to explain to people.

LOL, I’ve never had one of those. I have pretty standard dreams, I especially hate the ones where nothing specifically terrible happens but I can’t complete simple tasks and I’ll be late. Those are SO frustrating.


*Is waiting for another excuse to throw that one at you.*

YESSSSSS IM PRESIDENT MY FIRST MOVE IS TO TAKE OUT ALL OF THE DOORKNOBS IN THE WHITE HOUSE AND REPLACE THEM WITH MY OWN (that’s what Biden did when he became president to show his hatred to our previous president btw)

You’re. Kidding. That’s the pettiest thing in existence XD That’s hilarious though XD (Btw, I elected you the Dutch Prime Minister, but change the doorknobs anyway. Have fun running the frog country.😈 )

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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