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Hi Isaiah! Thanks for your input it has given me a lot to think about.

Why is the  Family the only ones left who follow teachings that differ from the Bads’ way?

Ahhh another spoiler. Oh well XD so there are three groups of people that believe this way

1) the people directly from the bloodline and pretty much everyone married into the bloodline

2) a few people throughout the country that have grow to Mr. Dudes beliefs. Kimberlins best friend Libelle has no relations to Mr. Dude but she just believes that way. So there are a decent amount of people like that.

And now for the spoiler

3) there is a group of “rebels” in the country. They aren’t like hiding out in some secret place like other storylines, they just try their absolute bestto be disconnected from the Bads. They have there own backstory.


Were other families and their teachings erased already?

So all of the other beliefs were similar  to the Bads beliefs so over time they have all just faded into what the Bads teach. Mr. Dudes teachings are the only ones that really stood out from the others.

What specifically are the teachings  that people accepted from the Bads, that prevent liberty and Christianity and arms bearing (I’m assuming that this  becomes a large point in the story, as it was the solution for an economic crash)

I haven’t thought about it completely so I apologize if stuff doesn’t line up completely.

I’m thinking the Bads believe something similar to totalitarianism.

And yes the gun thing comes in later

I know you had mentioned you wanted to split it into two books, the first being discovery and the second being reaction. Even just putting all this into the first book might make things feel forced or rushed. Perhaps save some of the “big juicy bits” for the second book. Just a thought.

Do you think it’s necessary to bed a third book to make it stretch?

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