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Bwahahahaha I’m dying

You’re welcome! 😉

You might be kidding but I’m just confused XD What are you referring to? If I wanna know….


Girl yessssss I just wanted to be nice to Noah ya know. I think he wins over guns but definitely not fries. Nu-uh nothing wins over fried potato sticks.

LOL Noah, you’ve been bested by guns on my side and fries on her side and now you’re
suitably roasted.
But dang girl, sarcasm is better than fries, ain’t it? 😉

You’ve never seen me. Guns aren’t the most attractive thing in the world because I am. Haha! *stands like superhero with bagpipes playing in the background*

But you know what would make you more attractive.
Guns. 😜

YES YOU ARE!!! @noah-cochran I’ve heard her sing and it’s fantastic she has a gorgeous voice!!

(dang she had to come back with that…fyi that was take one-hundred-and-billion XDD)
*sinks behind desk with a book over my face XDDDD*

YESSS!!! The Plagues is my absolute favorite, it’s just so DRAMATIC!! And climactic and the entire story was just so beautifully written it always makes me tear up!! And the animation! *perfect*

IKR!!!!!!!! IT’S EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH I LOVE THAT ONE IT’S ONE OF MY

I’m going to pretend I didn’t see that. XD

Five second rule, honey

…. You’re saying that like I didn’t text you last week with a plan to make my biology teacher think I’m a serial killer. (Also, the correct reply to a plan like that isn’t “LOL, DO IT!!” XD)

I don’t recall that conversation on Pinterest and you have no evidence for it 😇

I’ve been thinking of things I’d rather do! Here’s a list! Wrestle a crocodile Jump out of a moving car Pet a hungry lion Jump out of a plane Climb a mountain (I have terrible fear of heights so those count double) Basically, nope

*dang she pulls out my bucket list*

You get me.


I hate heights too so climbing a mountain is definitely equivalent to wrestling a crocodile. There’s mountain in North Carolina (for your Dutch face it’s somewhere in between New York and Disney) the mountain is called Grandfather Mountain and there’s a swinging bridge on the top of it and when the wind blows the medal screeches and it makes you feel like it’s going to break and you’re going to fall exactly one mile down and hit a tree and break your arm then fly with the birdies for a while just long enough that you decide you have superpowers then it dawns on you that you’re just an idiot that fell off a mountain then about that time you crash through a house and die.

Lol I love the imagery.

Do you and Cathy know each other?

Nah we just swapped brains and have to go on an epic quest to fix that 😉

Speaking of nightmares, does anyone else’s nightmares where you’re being chased by something happen in hotels? Like, the setting of the dream is a hotel. I have no clue why, it’s usually that way for me. I think it’s the unfamiliarity, and the endless identical halls and searching for your own room among hundreds of other identical ones and there’s absolutely nowhere to hide.

Nah, I’m what they call a “lucid dreamer” which means I’ve acquired the ability to out-stubborn my dreams…ish. I have ridiculously vivid dreams sometimes and I know I’m dreaming while I’m dreaming so I do whatever dumb stuff I like up to and including: being so bored in a dream-shop I wandered into to buy something for my first dream I dashed at
ramming speed into a wall and that woke me up (my intention was to get to another dream…), sit there kidnapped by a serial killer like “dang, all I have to do is break the walls but dang that’s too stupidly easy can I just pretend I can’t escape and see where this is headed?”, doing “the thing” ya;know where you’re looking for some such dream item and you’re going through this idk hotel, restaurant with a neat Manga sorta aesthetic and dream wanted to go somewhere else and I was like “DUDE I HAVE BEEN CHASING THIS THINGAMUWHAT ACROSS A FIELD OF MENTAL CASES AND MURDEROUS/SARCASTIC CHARACTERS FROM LACKADAISY SINCE SCENE ONE OF THIS DREAM BY GOLLY I’M GONNA FIND OUT WHAT “THE THING” IS!!!!!” *spoiler; I woke up and never found out what “it” was*

I used have kinda frequent nightmares so I unconsciously trained myself to do that, usually I was dashing down video-game halls that were invariably unlit and there were no lights and it was so obnoxious and searching for my siblings to warn them before they were murdered by the demonic spider.

Thank you, that’s really sweet! I used to be really self-concious of my voice but hearing y’all’s sweet comments really makes me feel better about it.

You do have a pretty epic accent!

Take note Cathy. That is wisdom speaking.

I know. Because I’m talking right now. :DDDD

Well we are talking online, so for all you know, I’m a shy fellow who won’t make eye contact with anyone.

Yeah I’m pretty shy irl too. Until I get to know people, then I’m loud and obnoxious just like I am here!!! 🙂

I course fries are more attractive than me. I may be pretentious, but I’m not that pretentious.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! That. Epic. Reply.

For real though, when I write a particular personality, I find myself acting a little like that personality. Good thing I don’t write homicidal maniacs. xD

Good thing, right? Totally good thing, it’d be totally bad if we wrote homicidal maniacs we started really getting into their personalities. Never do that…

*raises both hands in a placating manner* True, true, I’m just one to clarify things.



You’re welcome (:


*smugly* wimp. XDDD

You’re welcome to send us a sample of you singing Ring of Fire in your lovely tones. Wait, you can sing base notes? Can you sing B2?

Ifff you send a sample of your singing voice 😉
Idk exactly how low B2 is but I can sing as low as the dwarfs in the Hobbit live-action when I want to…?

*thinks back over our debates* I recant my statment

*nods approvingly*

You’re incorrigible.

Nah, I don’t need encouragement (:

A gun just beat me in a beauty contest. What happens in this thread, stays in this thread.

Probably. Unless I need to blackmail you eventually…😇

Yeah, so Cathy is a great example of many Americans, Rose.

I always wanted to be used as a bad example (:

Soooo we were at a parade and there was a ton of traffic but we needed to cross the street, so when we had a chance we ran across. I wasn’t paying too much attention, I was just trying to get across, but I heard my mom yelling at me so I look up to see a car flying right towards me so I get back, but since I seriously went from a full on run to a dead stop, my clumsy butt tripped over my feet and caught myself right in front of the car. I only had like half a second to get out of the way so I just took a step back, and that step just happened to be big enough. I was only about three inches away from the car as it passed. The Lord was definitely looking out for me

*ok is it bad that I almost want to say “describe every sensation of your neardeath encounter so I can describe it in a story?*

*Am I the only one doing that?*

But dang nice save!!! Don’t get killed before me ok I couldn’t live without you I’d die of boredom!!!!!


I understand, I HATE my voice!! It’s so deep, I sound like a man. Seriously the only thing pretty about me is the way my name is spelled and my eyes.

My voice is kinda deep, and sometimes a little breathy, but I have a pretty cute voice: Ergo, you have a cute voice too and don’t try arguing with me we both know you will fail 😉



Like… just on the hospitality aspect, right? Right??!! jk XD

MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA awww that’s so cute 😇

Don't let the voices in your head drive you insane;only some of them can drive; most are underage

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