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(If any of y’all want me to stop tagging them here just let me know)

This is a possible prologue I wrote and rewrote and edited and here I am writing it again:

“I hate that feeling. The feeling that this is happening, that this is real. The feeling that everything you’ve ever worked for, everything you’ve ever protected, is lost. I thought about this as I stared into the large crowd in front of me. It was hard for me to look at the few faces I recognized- my mother, my sister- the faces I would never see again. The disappointment and confusion shone in their faces like the sun used to shine through my bedroom window every morning. Except this wasn’t happy or hopeful or good. This was the end. I also thought about the ones whose footsteps I was following in- my dad’s, Jack’s, the baby’s. I had let them down. All of them. I sighed as the guard brought me to the center of the platform. “I’m sorry,” I whisper as I close my eyes to prepare myself for the pain, the torture, and finally, my death that was to follow. Of course, I never could’ve been prepared for what happened in those few moments after I closed my eyes…”

What do you guys think? And is it prologue material?

I think I might just maybe kinda sorta not really but yes want your opinion on this.

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