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You deserve the praise. Send some of your countrymen over to Missouri so I can get a break of us yapping O-mericans.

South-Africans either sound like me or they sound like a German trying to speak English with an Australian accent. Never know which, it’s pretty random. I sound like my mom and my dad sounds like he’s from a different country.

For real though, when I write a particular personality, I find myself acting a little like that personality. Good thing I don’t write homicidal maniacs. xD

Oh, goodness, SAME!! I start thinking like them, I start talking like them, I start acting like them, it’s the weirdest!! It’s both funny and sometimes useful.

Whenever I’m in social situations where I feel awkward I often just go “How would Liorah handle this?” (With impeccible confidence and poise. Which I do not have) and then do that XD Not in other situations though! Heavens, no.

No. Kidding.

You wanna know something extra funny? They’re not even our government. We fired them… *checks* in March. They’re not supposed to be ruling or making laws but they can’t make up their minds to form a new coalition. (European thing, it just means they haven’t formed a new government yet. We don’t know who the PM will be until they figure that out) So… our goverment was fired months ago and they’re still ruling. It’s a mess.

Even better when you know they were fired for tax fraud. (Apparently, almost everyone was in on it.) They still haven’t fixed it.

I sense sarcasm.

NoOOooOO!!! NeVEr!!

Yes, a minimum of forty, perhaps fifty cats, any fewer furry felines and one would run out of friends. +1 vote for cats

I want an entire wall covered in swords. +1 vote for swords

Anything less than excellent wifi is simply unbearable. +1 vote for excellent wifi

You get me. Also, I forgot about a room with nothing but books. Absolutely essential.

Uh…+1 vote for creepy cat woman?

Not creepy, ✨eccentric✨

Yeah, so Cathy is a great example of many Americans, Rose.

Like… just on the hospitality aspect, right? Right??!! jk XD


You have a point… You always seem to answer at like 3 am XD

LOL, yeah XD I pretty much have a mental checklist for converting timezones (I have friends in the craziest places) and it has happened that I hesitated before telling someone goodnight (In person, I was standing right next to them) because I couldn’t remember if it was ‘night for them’. It was hilarious XD

Soooo we were at a parade and there was a ton of traffic but we needed to cross the street, so when we had a chance we ran across. I wasn’t paying too much attention, I was just trying to get across, but I heard my mom yelling at me so I look up to see a car flying right towards me so I get back, but since I seriously went from a full on run to a dead stop, my clumsy butt tripped over my feet and caught myself right in front of the car. I only had like half a second to get out of the way so I just took a step back, and that step just happened to be big enough. I was only about three inches away from the car as it passed. The Lord was definitely looking out for me

GOODNESS ERYNNE BE CAREFUL!! That’s so scary! I’m so glad you’re alright!!

Can’t say I have. That would be traumatizing though. I normally have nightmares about myself or my siblings getting kidnapped

LOL, I usually have the serial killer flavor of nightmares (no clue why) and for some reason I can never hide in nightmares?? It’s so dumb, I’ll just stand in the dumbest place, obviously not hidden and dream-self will be like “Ah, yes. They’ll never think of looking behind a curtian with feet.”

It’s stupid but always either scary or just like “Ugh this again”

I understand, I HATE my voice!! It’s so deep, I sound like a man. Seriously the only thing pretty about me is the way my name is spelled and my eyes.

Yours is so pretty though!! Don’t ever feel self conscious about it! The accent is so unique (at least to me) and I’m obsessed with accents so naturally I’m in love with it.

LOL, I don’t know a single person who likes their recorded voice XD *Is on the point of lecturing you again about how you’re so beautiful because you were created in the image of God*

Well you mentioned hearing her sing so I didn’t know if y’all are friends or what

Yeah, I get that 🙂


You’re elected. I just elected you. The bar is low, if you don’t commit fraude you’re an improvement.

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Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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