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Lol jk, you don’t have go reveal anything unless you want to

Ok so the sickness gets released by the leaders of my country and it’s pattern is to only affect *double checks to me make sure it’s not effect* yup, affects the people from a certain blood line. The leaders (who really need a name) are out to seek power and they know they can’t get that because the people from this certain blood line will fight for their rights and make it a billion times harder for the leaders to get the power they’re after. Dad and Nick are initially just thing to figure all of that information out, they just don’t realize it.

I know if you don’t someone who isn’t minding there own business ( I mean you, Cathy) is going to wonder what the deal with this one blood line is. Well Cathy and all you other stalkers/ axe murderers, here you are:

There once was an old lady who lives in a shoe.

Tell me you laughed at that… Please, tell me you laughed at that

So for real, you got this guy, right? And this guy doesn’t have a name yet so he’ll go by Mr. Dude. Mr. Dude is a good guy who believes in God and Liberty. The leaders don’t like God and liberty so naturally they don’t like Mr. Dude. Well the thing is Mr. Dude is dead. He died a longgggg time ago. So that’s good for the leaders, right?


All of Mr. Dude’s descendants got taught the teachings of God and liberty so his entire direct blood line is a threat to the leaders. You see where this is going?

As time goes on, that teaching is fading and turning more and more into the leaders teachings, which is why the sickness is really bad in the elderly (like there’s less of Mr. Dude’s direct blood line the more time passes)

So boom. There you go *drops mic*

Feel free to ask questions about anything

Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you ever know who would love the person you hide.

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