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Noah Cochran


 I just wanted to tease you because the opportunity was too perfect

Good call, opportunities like that mustn’t be passed up. 🙂

Just a bit of advice from someone who has often gotten caught up in details *sigh*

Sound advice, I’ll be taking it.

So here’s one thing I would like to talk about. You mentioned backstory once or twice, and this is where I’m torn. I don’t like (and I know this is personal taste, and that the Hunger Games disagrees with this) a lot of telling backstory in introspection, especially early on in the book. To me, it feels unnatural for a character to immediately start thinking about their past as soon as the story begins. For instance, you commented on one of Hugon’s cynical comments saying that maybe some backstory should be added. The thing is, Hugon has been thinking and speaking that way for years, so for him to think about what caused him to have that belief doesn’t really make sense.

Am I making any sense? xD I definitely be thinking on this, because I do see the need to grow connected to the character quickly. Aaaa…I’m torn.

One other thing as a heads up. You mentioned me having several lines of consecutive beats and dialogue with no thought or description. Well…here’s the thing. That happens quite a lot in this book. xD I.e, I love dialogue. But I will keep that comment in mind whenever I go through and edit using y’all’s tips.

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