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Noah Cochran


I am also a terrible cabinet

I’m lovin’ the sarcasm. 🙂

So, I looked it up, and it appears some people actually do use the word “drawer” to describe someone who draws. However, the more proper term would be “illustrator” or something along those lines. So you’re right. 😏

All sunshine and no rain makes a desert.

That was so concise, and yet some how incredibly profound. Beautifully said.

He also doesn’t get suspicious when I ask him how you’re supposed to plan an assassination. Yaknow, for plot reasons.

😂 Exactly.

I like being able to edit my replies and think about them.

I do too, but because that’s not how real life works, I don’t let myself get too caught up in the internet mindset. If I could edit all the foolish things I’ve said throughout my life, that would be great. xD

Do you have a favorite? What are their names?

My two favorites are probably the two playing and laying all over me right now. xD Two, what we call “teenage kittens” named Fern and Clover. Fern was laying on my lap, but Clover kept attacking Fern’s tale, so now they’re having an all out battle beside me on the couch.

The other is called Bot and he’s a gremlin. We like him anyway.

Yeah, we’ve got an outdoor boy that goes throughout the surrounding neighborhoods and starts fights. So he’s usually quite ugly with all of his wounds. xD

Hey, so, I just wanted to tell you that I’m lovin’ the comments you’ve left so far, but if I respond to all of them and the comments my other commentors start leaving soon, I’ll explode. xD In other words, if  I don’t respond to your comments, that doesn’t mean I’m not reading them. If any of your comments disappear (meaning I resolved them), that means I either took your advice and changed something, or I took note of the comment in another document for consideration or to compare to other betas’ advice.

I just wanted to let you know that I am reading everything you say. I appreciate the amount of thought you’re giving it.

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