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Well it kinda is but kinda isn’t. I plan on putting a quote in the beginning of my book (I always do but I normally invent them and put them in the story) the one I chose for this one is “Give me liberty or give me Death” by Patrick Henry.

Once I knocked my two brain cells together a few times, I figured that out XD

I wanted to tie the title to that somehow but Give me Death is something I made up on the spot so I dunno if I’ll actually use that.

What do you think of it now?

Tbh, I don’t know how well it works as a title. It doesn’t tell you anything about the genre, even if someone catches the reference instantly. You might make it work, but my first reaction is doubtful.

But titles are barely a priority! It’s usually one of the last things I finialize, I usually end up changing it a couple times since it just takes time and thinking to come up with one.

I suggest keeping a list of potential titles, since your first one is seldom the best 🙂 You’ll get something!

It’s a great quote for the story though!

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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