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Taylor Clogston

@erynne Well thank you, lol. I take that as a compliment.

“I left out a ton of info above … There‚Äôs just a pot happening”

Yeah, that’s fair. I doubt I have an accurate idea of what your story is just based on what you’ve shared.

Assuming I’m in the right ballpark with your story as a thriller, you’re probably going to need an individual human villain with a plot or scheme that’s thwarted in the first book and whose downfall leads into the bigger plot.

Do you have a big plot question that’s asked early, directly affects the main character, and is answered before the book ends? If you do, I think you can absolutely get away with shunting the bigger conspiracy into the second book. If it’s more of a to-be-continued once things are starting to ramp up and the overarching, unanswered plot question is one the reader is asking from early on, you may want to just write a longer book which contains the whole story.

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