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You know what Rose, I think they just are.

Based on previous evidence… yeah.

I’m feeling suitably impressed…and relatively worthless seeing that I’m easily the worst drawer I know.

I am also a terrible cabinet XD

Most things in life really are one big mess of juxtaposed feelings.

Doesn’t it make them better though? All sunshine and no rain makes a desert.

Is your brother a writer or just a history lover?

Just a history fan 🙂 He likes reading (we have similar tastes so that’s fun) but he’s great to go to with questions about history stuff. He also doesn’t get suspicious when I ask him how you’re supposed to plan an assassination. Yaknow, for plot reasons.

I love it when people feel comfortable enough to do a lot of talking, keep it up (though being online, it’s not really the same thing).

LOL, like I’d be able to stop XD It’s funny, I feel more like myself talking over the internet than talking in person. I like being able to edit my replies and think about them.

Two outdoors cats. My sister runs a small cat business though, so we have three inside females, and two males in our garage. How about you?

That’s awesome! Do you have a favorite? What are their names?

We have two “outdoor” cats for vermin. (They come inside. They shouldn’t.) They’re brothers from the same litter, and they’re both large and affectionate. One is called Kex and he’s my spherical friend. He’s such a softhearted sweetheart. The other is called Bot and he’s a gremlin. We like him anyway.


Well this is rather embarrassing…

I guess I just posted on the thread that was on the top, without pausing to look at which thread it was. Tch tch tch. My brain sometimes!

LOL, don’t worry about it! Happens to all of us XD

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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