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This, along with the craziness after it, got my attention.

If you build a good outline, I say go for it, but lay the mystery and ominous feeling on thick.

Hey great! I’m glad blood gets your attention, that’s a good thing for an axe murderer

I am planning on this being a veryyyy mysterious and suspenseful book to keep the readers on the edge of their seat. I love books like that


Tbh, I got nervous when I saw you replied to this because you’re really good at critiquing 😂 (that’s a compliment, I promise) I’m sure your writing is excellent because of that.

Anyways, the reason I’m doing a series is because there is just so much happening and I feel like I should separate it into two books so it’s not too overwhelming. I left out a ton of info above. Kimberlin’s sister’s baby boy ends up dying which reveals a huge piece in the puzzle, and the bombing isn’t as mysterious as it seems once she looks at the facts she’s gathered. There’s just a pot happening

The second book will pick up right where the first one left off. What do you think?

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