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First of all, it’s called time zones, second of all, WHAT THE HECK, ERYNNE!!??? I’m going to need the whole story.

You have a point… You always seem to answer at like 3 am XD

Soooo we were at a parade and there was a ton of traffic but we needed to cross the street, so when we had a chance we ran across. I wasn’t paying too much attention, I was just trying to get across, but I heard my mom yelling at me so I look up to see a car flying right towards me so I get back, but since I seriously went from a full on run to a dead stop, my clumsy butt tripped over my feet and caught myself right in front of the car. I only had like half a second to get out of the way so I just took a step back, and that step just happened to be big enough. I was only about three inches away from the car as it passed. The Lord was definitely looking out for me

That sounds like seven nightmares wrapped up into one. I freeze up on ladders, though I usually force myself past it, it’s still a nightmare. Just the other day, we were insulating the ceiling, which consisted of crawling around in the attic on a floor that was less than half an inch thick and a full story high. That wasn’t happening.

Oooof nope not happening. I get that way on ladders too.

Speaking of nightmares, does anyone else’s nightmares where you’re being chased by something happen in hotels?

Can’t say I have. That would be traumatizing though. I normally have nightmares about myself or my siblings getting kidnapped

Thank you, that’s really sweet! I used to be really self-concious of my voice but hearing y’all’s sweet comments really makes me feel better about it.

I understand, I HATE my voice!! It’s so deep, I sound like a man. Seriously the only thing pretty about me is the way my name is spelled and my eyes.

Yours is so pretty though!! Don’t ever feel self conscious about it! The accent is so unique (at least to me) and I’m obsessed with accents so naturally I’m in love with it.

Of course, we’re talking to each other on here aren’t we? XD I’m guessing you meant irl and nope. We’ve never spoken face-to-face.

Well you mentioned hearing her sing so I didn’t know if y’all are friends or what


My dad’s the elder of our church so we aren’t able to travel on Sunday’s much, but yeah, y’all should come visit sometime.

That’s understandable. We have two elders so they have a little more freedom, but they still try to be there Sundays. Did your dad do seminary?

Maybe when I get my license I can come. I don’t think my dad would drive 3 1/2 hours for, well, anywhere lol

Take note Cathy. That is wisdom speaking

I’m flattered

 we are talking online, so for all you know, I’m a shy fellow who won’t make eye contact with anyone.

I highly doubt that XD I’ve seen a few of your YouTube videos and you do not seem that way. Do you know your MBTI type?

It’s fairly obvious, but don’t worry about it, Cathy’s just messing with you.


I course fries are more attractive than me. I may be pretentious, but I’m not that pretentious

Uh, yeah! Fries are more attractive than anything, even you and I and we’re the best looking people here (I’m not sure what anyone else looks like…. XD)

Now hang on a minute, I thought you were referring to guys like me. I feel tricked…

“Guys like me”???? 🤔

You totally did. You got tricked with bagpipes playing in the background. How does that feel Noah Something Cochran?

*waits patiently with a dry smile of doubt*

For your information I am telling the truth. How dare you smile dryly at my almost death??

I explained it to Rose, it’s the first thing in this post.

*waits patiently with wet smile of impatience for your apology*

Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you ever know who would love the person you hide.

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