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Noah Cochran


Ok cool! We might have to meet one day. We could try out each other’s churches or something

My dad’s the elder of our church so we aren’t able to travel on Sunday’s much, but yeah, y’all should come visit sometime.

I think I might just have to disagree with Cathy on this one. Guns are cool looking but they aren’t the most attractive thing in the world ya know

Take note Cathy. That is wisdom speaking.

I like how extroverted you are. I’m definitely a people pleaser too, but I’m not used to dudes being like that

Well we are talking online, so for all you know, I’m a shy fellow who won’t make eye contact with anyone.

You might be kidding but I’m just confused XD What are you referring to? If I wanna know….

It’s fairly obvious, but don’t worry about it, Cathy’s just messing with you. 🙂

I just wanted to be nice to Noah ya know. I think he wins over guns but definitely not fries. Nu-uh nothing wins over fried potato sticks.

I course fries are more attractive than me. I may be pretentious, but I’m not that pretentious.

You’ve never seen me. Guns aren’t the most attractive thing in the world because I am. Haha! *stands like superhero with bagpipes playing in the background*

Now hang on a minute, I thought you were referring to guys like me. I feel tricked…


*waits patiently with a dry smile of doubt*


That’s so kind of you! 🙂 (When I say that made me blush it’s not hyperbole)

You deserve the praise. Send some of your countrymen over to Missouri so I can get a break of us yapping O-mericans. 🙂

 (Liorah is seeping into me and that is a terrible thing.)

For real though, when I write a particular personality, I find myself acting a little like that personality. Good thing I don’t write homicidal maniacs. xD

Knocking is overrated.


Oh, the people before us in our previous house grew weed and then after we left there someone after us did the same thing and every so often in the street you’ll just see a policecar in a driveway and everyone knows what’s going on XD It’s ridiculously common, even here in the middle of nowhere. (Maybe especially here.) Growing it is illegal but it doesn’t seem to stop anyone.

That’s hilarious. xD

As I said, the government is a circus.

No. Kidding.

(A chicken circus? Possibly.)

Well, if we elected Erynne it would be.

I’m also extremely shy and I think I’d rather fight a bear

*Sigh* I think we all envy your horses the chance to listen to your singing.

Ah, I see you are a person of culture as well.

Without a doubt madame, without a doubt.

I feel it’s important to comment that I was thinking of that very specific scene at the end of Princess Diaries 2 where the houskeeper was throwing popcorn and laughing manically. I just remember it way too vividly XD (For the life of me, I can’t find it on YouTube but it was hilarious

Never heard of it, maybe I’ll look it up.

Oh, yes, the humility is coming through again!

I sense sarcasm. 🙃

The definition of “Pandora’s can of worms” is a very bad thing that once opened cannot be un-opened.

Drat. I forgot about that.

This three-answer format is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time

It’s too much fun to write, I couldn’t resist.

My plan is vague but it involves about forty cats, big windows, several swords, excellent wifi

Yes, a minimum of forty, perhaps fifty cats, any fewer furry felines and one would run out of friends. +1 vote for cats

I want an entire wall covered in swords. +1 vote for swords

Anything less than excellent wifi is simply unbearable. +1 vote for excellent wifi

 all the adults in the neighborhood being slightly afraid of me, but the small children thinking I’m cool.

Uh…+1 vote for creepy cat woman?


That’s why I said the way God made then not who and what they decide they are

*raises both hands in a placating manner* True, true, I’m just one to clarify things.

I know, *sagely* as deep as the void where my soul once was…


Aw, poor Camiravalblahrion!


So overall, pretty great but only when I have the audacity to actually sing.

You’re welcome to send us a sample of you singing Ring of Fire in your lovely tones. 🙂

Wait, you can sing base notes? Can you sing B2?

*snicker* you underestimate my ability to debate!!

*thinks back over our debates*

I recant my statment.

Oh wait–I just did

That’s the spirit.

*coughs. Very. Loudly.*
JK, don’t worry I’m just kidding!!!

You’re incorrigible. 🙂

 So it’s fine, you’re cute for a human…but guns are still hotter

A gun just beat me in a beauty contest. What happens in this thread, stays in this thread.

Yeah, I’d shoot you if you just walked up to my house and opened the door.

Yeah, so Cathy is a great example of many Americans, Rose.

Oh you stop that right now unless you want to start Playing With the Big Boys Now



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