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Joy C. Woodbury


And in the meantime I can work on the next volume! It’s always a bit different, but at least I still get to see my characters!

And maybe introduce a few new ones, too? (Which begs the question – do you think new characters should be introduced in each new book of a series? For my St. Paul series, there definitely will be a few new characters added in each book, just ’cause the Biblical account calls for it. XD)

Yep, I read it and it sounds like so much fun! If you ever want to get back to working on it and you need beta-readers… please? *puppy eyes*


Haha, we shall see…

But in other writing news, I’m planning to start working on the first book in my St. Paul series in mid-December! I ordered some New Testament study books so I can do serious research. I hope I can begin making some good, steady progress.

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