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Wow CONGRATS!! *cheers super loudly, throws confetti, and cuts you a slice of your favorite cake*

Aw man, I’ve been working on my project for so long now, I think I’d be ecstatic about finishing the first draft of the first book in the series. XD But don’t you worry – there’s always editing!

Thank you!

Yes, exactly, I’m always a bit sad when I have to put a draft on hold but I’ll get back to it soon! And in the meantime I can work on the next volume! It’s always a bit different, but at least I still get to see my characters!

I did! I probably won’t post the actual story on my blog, but I did include a couple snippets in Part Two of the linkup that I posted a few days ago.

Yep, I read it and it sounds like so much fun! If you ever want to get back to working on it and you need beta-readers… please? *puppy eyes*

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