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So, I’m not quite sure what I just read. This is next level Cathy. The gist of it I believe, is that you tried to be a loving young woman, failed, and turned back into a  loving young demon.

How dare you summarize my life so succinctly!

Depends on how far you take this concept, but yes, I agree.

That’s why I said the way God made then not who and what they decide they are (:

Wait, you’re blaming me for your mom not letting you use your brother’s guns? That’s deep.

I know, *sagely* as deep as the void where my soul once was…

You wound me Cathy.

Aw, poor Camiravalblahrion!

How is one supposed to answer that question? Answer one: I do my best, but I need a lot of improvement. Answer two: I am absolutely fantastic at singing, just like I am at everything else. Answer three: I’m decent, I’ve led singing at many church meetings, but my range, and note enunciation could use work. How about you?

I agree; false modesty is overrated.
I’ve got a nice alto voice, when I dare to I hit ridic high notes fabulously and I can revert to base notes as well. I need to work on putting enough air behind my voice more consistently and hitting the right notes and inflections, I especially need to work on not letting notes get flat and not running out of breath but I think the main problems would mostly fit themselves if I got over myself and was less self-conscious while singing and actually gave it my all. I also learned my voice sounded very different from how I imagined when I started recording, I was very pitchy when I started XDD but I was surprised by how quickly I could adjust once I heard my notes and could pinpoint the problems myself (instead of siblings screaming “Pleeeease hit the note!” 😂)
So overall, pretty great but only when I have the audacity to actually sing.

See, that title is much better. You can’t debate that, it’s perfect.

*snicker* you underestimate my ability to debate!!

My deepest and most profuse apologies Cathy, my heart aches at the very thought of insulting a lady.

Oh I am wounded, my soul aches to the very core, I don’t know how I’ll ever get over it!!!
Oh wait–I just did 😀

Aww, yess, that’s one of the best movies Dreamworks ever made imho. Spirit is up there though XD I love that movie so much, they dynamic between Ramses and Moses was just *chef’s kiss*

AHHHH IKR!!!!!! It’s like one of my absolute favorites for music and the dynamic was just *awesome*; Thus Says the Lord!

*Throws popcorn in excitement* Ohh, BURN!!

*Swipes popcorn of the floor and pops it into my mouth*


We can always fall back on Camiravalblahrion.


Thanks!!! I doubt that’ll actually happen, but I hope it will. If my dad’s right about no one being insane enough to marry me, I guess I’ll just have to live with them forever XD

Don’t worry Erynne, billions of people are insane enough to get married and a sure couple million would be attracted to you statistically speaking *Not me btw LOL you’re cute but you ain’t that cute! 😉*

Thanks!!! I doubt that’ll actually happen, but I hope it will. If my dad’s right about no one being insane enough to marry me, I guess I’ll just have to live with them forever XD however, if I can find a Christian man that escaped from a mental hospital, or maybe someone I meet doing our circus, I hope to get a chunk of land as far out as possible and get some horses and cows and ducks cuz I want ducks and definitely horses and did I mention horses? Do you want to stay in Missouri?

*coughs. Very. Loudly.*
JK, don’t worry I’m just kidding!!! 😛

Okay, so I had to start with this. I. Love. Your. Accent. European accents always sound so much more eloquent and sophisticated than us crass Americans.

Aaaand, you mean your accent, right, I’m part Italian😜

Fuel the anger. Fuel the rage. Let it consume yo–this doesn’t sound like great advice now that I’m typing it.

Yeah that’s horrible advice [to @rose-colored-fancy] MWHAHAHAHAHA JOIN THE DARK SIDE JUST LIKE NOAH SAID!!!!

See, that’s one thing I’ve heard about other countries that I like. Americans can be (and I know this is a huge generalization) rather reticent to allow people onto their property like that. Hospitality for strangers is very uncommon, and I think a little more welcoming of a nature and less over-protective of one’s possessions would be beneficial.

Yeah, I’d shoot you if you just walked up to my house and opened the door. *Mostly because if you could open the door you somehow managed to pick five or six different locks some of which would be locked and some would be unlocked and you wouldn’t know which is which so if you got past that you probably either blew up the door or are otherwise inhuman*

Sure. Now that I’ve heard your accent I really want to hear you sing.

I SECOND I SECOND I SECOND!!!!!!!!! SING FOR US PLEEEEASE!!!!! *Jk you don’t have to* *actually pretty pretty pretty please XDD*

When You Believe that All You Ever Wanted was to Deliver Us from the problems of life, you’re on the right path.

Oh you stop that right now unless you want to start Playing With the Big Boys Now 😀

I agree with the hair in one’s face part, but hair that goes far down the neck nearly to the shoulders (like the medieval style) I like (usually, it can be bad).

I agree there, except when they start putting makeup and shampoo in their hair with clips and braids and don’t even have the decency to grow a beard with it to make up for the hairgel!

I mean, how is one supposed to answer that question. Answer One: I am a plain and bland fellow, I would never claim to be more attractive than anything, not even metal and wood. I am dull as dirt and about as beautiful as it too. Answer Two: Guns are moss-eaten sticks beside me. I’m hotter than the purest fire, and have eyes as coolly captivating as the deepest ocean. A halo of alluring charm surrounds me like the dancing lights of a star strewn sky.  Answer Three: I’m a humble fellow, and will let the ladies judge me. If they choose guns, so be it, my affable respect for them shall not waver.

Bwahahahaha I’m dying over the crossed-outs!!! Don’t worry, it’s not a huge insult, my rule of thumb be like “guns before guys” even “fries before guys” sometimes but fries don’t talk back so you won over fries this time 😉 So it’s fine, you’re cute for a human…but guns are still hotter 😈

Guns are cool looking but they aren’t the most attractive thing in the world ya know

What heresy is this.

My plan is vague but it involves about forty cats, big windows, several swords, excellent wifi, all the adults in the neighborhood being slightly afraid of me, but the small children thinking I’m cool.


Don't let the voices in your head drive you insane;only some of them can drive; most are underage

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