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Noah Cochran


From what I’ve heard so far, you have a great sense of humor

I do my best. 🙂

I’ll do my best, that sounds like a realistic timeframe.

Again, you can take two months if you have to, or even longer, you’re the one doing me the favor.

We’ve been having riots but our PM is very stubborn

One wonders how one’s president/PM ever got elected in the first place.

I draw (a lot),

Do you hand-draw or use a a electronic device? Do you paint what you draw after you draw it?

I try to convince my gelding that there are no tigers behind the bushes

Now that, Rose my friend, is a hobby worth pursuing.

Do you have any hobbies besides writing?

I’m an avid medieval history lover (as you know), and I’ve been putting together yet another list of history books I want to buy. My family and I are really into table top board games (not Risk or Monopoly, more strategic games). I’m thinking about breaking into the animation world for a niche history channel I might try to make. We’ll see.

Oh, and talking. I love to talk. I love traveling and meeting new people and making new friends, but I get into debates and discussions with my siblings a lot, and I talk to myself, our cats, and my ducks. I think I’m addicted to talking. xD

The fact that my horse is golden and has a white mane down to his chest makes this even more majestic. Now I wanna dress up in armor and ride him into the sunset.)

Golden rays of sunlight gilded in blood danced across the body strewn field. All was silence, but this was not a normal silence, it was a three-fold silence. A silence of the air, as birds and beasts bowed their heads in mournful reverence. A silence of the soul, as the eyes of the fallen stared up at the bleeding sky with an emptiness more profound than the star-scattered void above. One silence, however, stood above the others: the silence of a young woman sitting atop a golden steed. The burnished steel hugging her torso gleamed in the sunlight, but its weight did nothing to change the elegant posture she maintained as she stared off at the horizon. Hazel strands of hair swayed as she gave the fallen around her one last look, and then, as her steed began the long journey ahead, she murmured a prayer, and broke the three-fold silence.

I couldn’t resist, you put an image in my mind, and I had to write it.

Now you draw it.

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