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Joshua Scheele

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions I can do more with this world mechanic. In my story, I plan to have my world full of crystals for many resource uses. The most important one is a radioactive power crystal that makes up the planet’s core. It will form into crystal formations in caverns near the surface, connected to growing tendril/veins from the core. It can used for tools, weapons, energy source, and tech in general. As tech knowledge grows, they will discover they shape and tune the crystal with electronic like symbols and line you can find on electronic boards to program it to act in a specific function. One aspect several have thought was cool, was that the crystal has some sort of moral reaction when used, if it senses someone’s intention when fighting someone are honorable and true, it will react positively and in a way enable that person to be empowered by the embedded crystal’s energy. The crystal is embedded with the metal that is mixed with a special alloy that makes the metal conductive to the crystal’s energy, essentially it becomes one.

However, if it senses murder and anger, it will react in a way that makes the object the crystal is imbedded in become very heavy and unwieldy. It is like it is programmed to naturally respond that way, though with huge effort it can be corrupted if you have a corrupted crystal. I would like to mirror the way Tolkien did with Sting and Glamdring in how they naturally reacted. It is a bit magical but I hope to give it not a personality but artificial intelligence like it is a computer reacting to an action, though it can sense a user’s thoughts.

My world-building origin for it is that God created the crystal and used it to fix the planet after he rebuked one of his angelic like servants (stewards) who almost broke it in anger. The angel repented and self exiled himself to live among the inhabitants to learn what does it mean to truly be a steward of this planet and why is it so important. Once the crystal was placed at the core, its massive energy radiated across the planet, causing mutations to the inhabitations and substances along with the radioactive effects that originally were coming from the planet’s cracking crust. This cataclysm caused terraforming like event that did not destroy the surface but altered it, it still seems like earth with lots of crystalline material things gleaming in the light. It also creates a force field like canopy helping with terraforming change and also serves as a way of protection against cosmic events like intense heat and radiation.

What do you think? Any suggestions how you would possibly give a visual description when the crystal is being used with an object like a sword? What kind of light or sound effects when activated and why?

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