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Noah Cochran


You tend to focus on the aspects that need improvement

I tend to focus on all the negative parts, probably not good for my health. xD

All that is fantastic advice, Rose, and I will be taking it. The beta questions are added. 🙂

I might also make comments when I like something or I find something funny  (I always struggle to decide whether something is funny or not.)

Please do. I love humor in books (like a lot), but I often wonder if the humor in put in mine is only even slightly humorous in my head. Who knows. 🙂

Oh, do you have a deadline I have to take into account?

Ideally, most of y’all would be done by the end of December. But it’s not a big deal either way, y’all are doing me a favor. Besides, I know what of my betas almost definitely will not be done by the end of December, so don’t worry about it.

I hope to get through it fairly quickly because our absolute circus of a government just announced the 50 billionth lockdown so I’ll be hibernating indoors with my million hobbies until someone needs me. So, I’ll probably have plenty of time.

Ouch. *is getting unreasonably angry at your government*

What are some of your hobbies other than writing and singing to horses?

Once my horse overcomes his fear of random inanimate objects

I wanna see warrior duchess Rose riding a horse like that into battle. 😄

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