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Okay, I read through the document and it looks great! I had a few additional comments though 🙂

Your questions look good but I have some others to suggest. You tend to focus on the aspects that need improvement, and yes, you can get great feedback there, but I’ve found positive comments to be just as helpful because otherwise you’ll end up messing with stuff you need to leave alone. (Besides getting discouraged because everything seems bad)

So I’d humbly suggest these additional questions:

What was your favorite part of the book? Why?

Which scene do you remember best? (This question works miracles, I’ve never gotten an expected answer but always a helpful one.)

Who was your favorite character? Why?

Not only are these questions encouraging (Which is important, you’ll need it when you get the critcism back. Trust me.) but they tell you where you succeeded and what you need to leave alone.

Often I’ll be far too critical of some specific aspect and it turns out other people really like it.

Anyway, just a suggestion. 🙂

I might also make comments when I like something or I find something funny 🙂 (I always struggle to decide whether something is funny or not.)

Oh, do you have a deadline I have to take into account? I hope to get through it fairly quickly because our absolute circus of a government just announced the 50 billionth lockdown so I’ll be hibernating indoors with my million hobbies until someone needs me. So, I’ll probably have plenty of time.

Not yet that is.

Once my horse overcomes his fear of random inanimate objects and his tendency to launch across the arena at who-knows miles an hour with no warning, I’m adding swords.

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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