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Oh one last peculiar thing he does, he calls it a “strange antic”, sometimes when he’s reading on a couch he will lay upside down with a leg over the back and his head hanging off its edge slightly.

Aww he sounds like a sweetheart!  I was so close to saying that his favorite color was powder blue, but red just seemed to fit his mood lol.  That’s so sweet how he and his wife’s favorite colors are literally just the respective colors of each others eyes :’)

He only told his parents that he and his adopted sister were betrothed. Everyone else didn’t know that.

Wait, so is Aspen his adopted sister?  That must have been a…rather awkward conversation, to say the least!

Also, what’s the premise of your WIP?  I really like the whole nobility thing you’ve got going on – it seems kind of like historical fiction mixed with fantasy!

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*laughs as one fey*

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