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I agree with the hair in one’s face part, but hair that goes far down the neck nearly to the shoulders (like the medieval style) I like (usually, it can be bad).

Yeah that’s a cool style. Some guys look better with longer hair, but most don’t. Especially when they like wear it in a braid and put clips and stuff in it

Finding a Godly spouse is indeed a difficulty for many (including my older sister right now), but just keep searching. We go to a lot of church meetings to meet people, both friends and possible spouses.

Yeah it’s definitely not easy.

Yep, things could always change, but probably.

Ok cool! We might have to meet one day. We could try out each other’s churches or something

I mean, how is one supposed to answer that question.

Answer One: I am a plain and bland fellow, I would never claim to be more attractive than anything, not even metal and wood. I am dull as dirt and about as beautiful as it too.

Answer Two: Guns are moss-eaten sticks beside me. I’m hotter than the purest fire, and have eyes as coolly captivating as the deepest ocean. A halo of alluring charm surrounds me like the dancing lights of a star strewn sky.

Answer Three: I’m a humble fellow, and will let the ladies judge me. If they choose guns, so be it, my affable respect for them shall not waver.

Oh wow ok, i see how it is 😂

I think I might just have to disagree with Cathy on this one. Guns are cool looking but they aren’t the most attractive thing in the world ya know

Aww, don’t kick out our friends, we’re having a great time, I love talking to multiple people at onare

Your wish is my command. I’m just teasing, this is fun.

I like how extroverted you are. I’m definitely a people pleaser too, but I’m not used to dudes being like that

Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you ever know who would love the person you hide.

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