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Noah Cochran


LOL, nope, but I recorded a couple pieces for the Audio Cinema here on SE. I sound constantly nervous but that’s practically a part of my voice by this time so *shrugs*

If you want to listen, it’s over here.

Okay, so I had to start with this. I. Love. Your. Accent. European accents always sound so much more eloquent and sophisticated than us crass Americans.

One has not truly lived until one has ripped apart a drywall wall with nothing but a crowbar, one’s bare hands, and all the rage one has pent up since the tender age of twelve.

Fuel the anger. Fuel the rage. Let it consume yo–this doesn’t sound like great advice now that I’m typing it.

it’s considered rude to knock because you’re just supposed to walk into the kitchen like you live there.

See, that’s one thing I’ve heard about other countries that I like. Americans can be (and I know this is a huge generalization) rather reticent to allow people onto their property like that. Hospitality for strangers is very uncommon, and I think a little more welcoming of a nature and less over-protective of one’s possessions would be beneficial.

Wait until I tell you all the stories about the people growing drugs though.

Let’s hear em. 🙂

My chestnut mare is this close to talking purely to tell me to shut up. The gremlin-gelding (my riding horse) is mostly befuddled by it. (Cut him some slack, he has two brain cells and they’re constantly fighting for dominance)

I love it. 😂

Can’t blame them, I have a horrible singing voice and I make that everyone else’s problem.

Sure. Now that I’ve heard your accent I really want to hear you sing.

It’s cool! I watched your video on Skyward and it was nice! (Also, just call Kimmalyn adorable. She is.

We both know it was top-notch garbage (especially that one, I didn’t even have a mic in that video), but I’ll take the encouragement anyways.

Oh, and yes, Kimmalym is the queen of adorable.

Aww, yess, that’s one of the best movies Dreamworks ever made imho. Spirit is up there though XD I love that movie so much, they dynamic between Ramses and Moses was just

When You Believe that All You Ever Wanted was to Deliver Us from the problems of life, you’re on the right path.

Yaknow, I can’t argue with that.

I knew you couldn’t.

Throws popcorn in excitement* Ohh, BURN!!

I’m lovin’ the imagery. 🙂

All that and humble too.

Hey now, that was crossed out, I’m a humble, congenial, courteous young man.

We can always fall back on Camiravalblahrion.

You aren’t gonna let that name go anytime soon are you.

Like that’ll get rid of me.

That would be hilarious. I’m emailing someone and all the sudden Rose appears and gives us all heart attacks.


Most guys like their hair long and in their face, but I don’t approve of that.

I agree with the hair in one’s face part, but hair that goes far down the neck nearly to the shoulders (like the medieval style) I like (usually, it can be bad).

if I can find a Christian man that escaped from a mental hospital, or maybe someone I meet doing our circus, I hope to get a chunk of land as far out as possible and get some horses and cows and ducks cuz I want ducks and definitely horses and did I mention horses?

Finding a Godly spouse is indeed a difficulty for many (including my older sister right now), but just keep searching. We go to a lot of church meetings to meet people, both friends and possible spouses.

Do you want to stay in Missouri?

Yep, things could always change, but probably.

What do you think Noah? Are guns hotter than you?

I mean, how is one supposed to answer that question.

Answer One: I am a plain and bland fellow, I would never claim to be more attractive than anything, not even metal and wood. I am dull as dirt and about as beautiful as it too.

Answer Two: Guns are moss-eaten sticks beside me. I’m hotter than the purest fire, and have eyes as coolly captivating as the deepest ocean. A halo of alluring charm surrounds me like the dancing lights of a star strewn sky. 

Answer Three: I’m a humble fellow, and will let the ladies judge me. If they choose guns, so be it, my affable respect for them shall not waver.

I have to agree with you, that stuff is awful. However Noah, and @rose-colored-fancy I believe this was mine and Noah’s conversion 😂 Dude I think we need to start emailing so we can at least have a bit of privacy without our wonderful stalkers

Aww, don’t kick out our friends, we’re having a great time, I love talking to multiple people at once.

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