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All I can say is wow! I never saw or expected it to be interpreted like this. I apologize for the possible confusion as I clearly did not explain some vital points further as I was hoping to make a shorter summary of this. Plus, I was kind of a hurry when I wrote it. Hopefully I can clarify everything. XD I do see what y’all are getting at and I actually do agree with your points as certain things did not occur to me. I did not really go deep into the meanings of how you interpreted it as and rather surprised. Definitely many interpretations that did not come to mind. Thank you for taking your time to boil it down.

Lol I totally get that, I was suddenly struck by “dang if I started trying to explain my symbolism and worldbuilding in like a page” yesterday and nope, uh-uh that would not convert well out of *ten thousand notes, pages and random trains of thought groundworking my logic plus theology*

When I concluded to include a creator because there always must be a designer otherwise, I would be going towards big bang theory of things just showing up without direction or design. Plus, I could not imagine life without faith in something and someone greater who would set the moral standard of right and wrong. At first, I wanted to just say God created the world and that was that. However, I felt was a need to express deeper reason and evidence why the people in this story should have faith in their creator by making him more active than what Tolkien did. So, there will be supernatural things that will rarely occur. I will still use the word magic or a term referring to supernatural because there will be ancient tech from advanced civilizations that died out. Then less advanced people discover it, they will think it is not natural and possibly evil at first till someone discovers what makes it tick and prove it is just science. Then they will harness it as their knowledge grows. Just an inspiration thinking about how people from the medieval ages would treat a cellphone, they will most likely think it is product of witchcraft. XD I plan to make different civilizations who will worship their own gods like people here did and still do with each culture. This may involve some pagan beliefs which might refer to some things that seem supernatural or magical but once investigated, they really weren’t. It was just someone perhaps utilizing ancient tech to gain influence over people. I was inspired by stories from a missionary to the Congo and was challenged to a duel of the Gods by competing in certain practices such as walking on broken glass and burning coals without being injured. Supernaturally he came out unscathed and he prayed a lot during those moments. I was thinking moments like those could happen if one my faithful characters runs into a contest but gives all praise to God. Then I will prove them pagans wrong in the story that there is only one God.

I can get behind that, depending on how well it’s handled.

I don’t plan to write about messing with spirits and souls of people and creatures. I might hint at another realm like heaven where the faithful find rest. But no necromancy or witchcraft. I would not say it is conviction but just playing it safe as they do go into a lot of crazy pagan stuff. I often wondered if Dracula was a real legend and was one of many supernatural distractions that Satan has plagued this world with to draw us away from God. I know a lot of pagan people who believed in stuff related to that this was possible and actually wanted to make it true. I learned a few things from them constantly talking about it whether I wanted to or not. So, after learning about some real pagan ritual stuff in northern WI, I think I will pass on that stuff for now unless I find a better way to use it without that sort of relation. XD

Ok! That makes sense!
The person Dracula was a real guy who drank the blood of his enemies (creepy), but I loved how forensic an approach Bram Stoker’s book has had so far. I would probably be willing to accept a “Dracula/vampires were demonically possessed people irl” theory from yeah…pagan things…I actually ended up researching that as a consequence of researching how to combat New Age philosophy, nihilism and so-call “subject morality/reality” in my story and have come to the conclusion that many if not all serial killers are in some form or other demonically possessed.

One idea that I like is to make the crystal reactive to people’s intentions/emotions. Say if the crystal is used on a weapon and is used in anger, it will fail as if refusing to go along with the deed, like making the weapon impossible to wield. I had this mind as if it is influenced by God’s will and programmed to help those to seek what is just and resist those who do evil. Though with a primary bad steward’s help, my villain will discover he can forcibly corrupt a crystal because the bad steward imbued his will into a small crystal he found as he sneaked onto the planet and gave it to the villain who was insane with revenge. The bad steward got caught and kicked off by the good steward and his forces. However now there is man sick with revenge who will turn into his pawn who will use it to become the greatest scientist outside the good steward’s organization only to abuse it for evil.

Oooh I love the crystal idea here

As for the markings for tuning, maybe it was knowledge the steward was provided as a gift to help him understand and prepare. Another part of the Planet Management 101 manual since he decided to act without reading the manual. I do that way too often. XD

Bwahahaha, too true!!

OHHHHH Valdunar!!!! Nice, depending on how you handle it (which is what I say for literally every religiously tied theme 😉

My thought was the creator was showing some humor that he was not done yet with his charge and as he purposefully planned for this change to occur. He provides the steward knowledge on the crystal and this brand-new world that will prove useful to use to create his tech for defensive measure. (This steward job just got a whole lot harder as he must become a researcher too about what he is now trying to manage. Planet management 101.)  XD This world now has some of the most valuable resources and a powerful energy source. So, it will make prized target by the bad stewards who think it should theirs by conquest. The good steward must understand how it works and can be used to prevent theft and abuse while using it to create tech to help defend his charge from the selfish actions of the bad stewards. He will keep his tech exclusive to himself but will tidbits of info to be discovered by someone he desires to learn it and boost the planet’s tech advancement. He will also recruit people he sees as worthy to join his hidden organization to protect the world from the shadows to keep bad people from within the planet to not cause distractions to his new mission to survive. Plus he does not want to known to the world, less they worship him as God and wishes for them to just worship their creator. He will serve kinda as a Gandalf person traveling from village to village all over the world, to donate supplies they need when they need it and show them Christ like love. Kinda like a missionary if that makes any sense.

OHHHHH Valdunar!!!! Nice, depending on how you handle it (which is what I say for literally every religiously tied theme 😉

Kind of…. but not what I had in mind. I just needed him to commit the worst sin and destroying the planet would be one as he is killing precious life, but the story would probably there.  Plus using something important to him and then being caught by God in the act would cause a quick arch as he realizes how bad he messed up by betraying the one who means everything to him. XD So I will not use something like a physical body but more like an illusion meant as a test. And yeah “avatar” was not the right word sorry. I did get some of my inspiration from that creation story structure Tolkien used with having a creator and these stewards. The good steward will be my example of a real angel who does what is right no matter the cost as he serves God’s will and points everyone to God. He will fight against I guess what you might call fallen angels (demons) who seek to serve themselves and direct others against God’s will. He will also interact the incompetent stewards to point them to God and their master’s definition of stewardship. I also thought it was a great example of Christ’s sacrifice for us by preparing give his life. And absolutely yes this story is sorely focused on taking every opportunity to not only be just a fantasy story with religious aspects but one that will influence the reader to think about what does it mean to do what is right and what and who defines it. Most of all, to show the definition of Christ like love. To not seek revenge in anger, how does righteous justice differ from personal revenge? and power does not make someone strong because love is the strongest thing there is. With love Christ conquered death for us.

Ohh ok! I like those themes I can’t wait to see how you explore them 🙂

I was thinking of using natural affects of the moon like how it causes gravity to make waves huge waves in ocean. “High tides and low tides are caused by the moon. The moon’s gravitational pull generates something called the tidal force. The tidal force causes Earth—and its water—to bulge out on the side closest to the moon and the side farthest from the moon. These bulges of water are high tides.” – Google’s definition of moon gravity affects. Another idea that came to mind was that the terraforming also created an force field that cause crystal elements to react when something like sun radiation or some sort of cosmos event occurs. Might even help against the bad stewards’ attacks/invasion. Perhaps it can block portals. I was thinking could be something to do with the gravity of the planet and radiation that can cause something like the northern lights which is the reigniting of the canopy of crystal particles floating high in the air. Then maybe as my planet’s inhabitants learn how to harness power crystals, they can also harness this too but it naturally renews the energy stored inside the power crystal disconnected from the crystal formations connected to the tendrils from core crystal mother crystal. I hope this has ironed out a bit more and hopefully enough things to make it sound better and more graspable. Then I will polish what I have here and expand on the smaller details. Please let me know. Thank you for your time and feedback! I have like 20 pages of notes on this planetary system alone not including the 28 pages on my boiling down the christian aspects and applications! XD

Ooooh pretty!! That’ll be interesting worldbuilding, I wanna learn more!

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