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Joy C. Woodbury


Sorry my replies have been slow, NaNo is really proving to be a lot XD I can’t wait till it’s over but I’m glad I did it!

No problem at all! And HUGE congrats on doing NaNo! *gives you a high five*

LOL, SAME! I do that all the time, the time before I fall asleep is how I’ve plotted my entire third book XD I practically only had to copy my phone’s notes and organize them and now I have to fill in a few gaps and work out the details. Instead of the usual downright painful brainstorming, I already did it XD It’s delightful!

That sounds so amazing! *sighs* I wish I could plot entire books like that.

Oh, I keep forgetting to mention that I loved your post on Kingdom Pen! It was really cool!

Thanks a bunch! It was really fun to write.

And I can’t wait to see where Moonlyte Uprising is going!

Thanks! Just posted the second part of the NaNo linkup, actually.

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