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Ugh. Insulation (and drywall) is like the one thing I don’t want to do. xD

“Anything but drywall” is a very valid decision. Can’t say I disagree.

Rose laughing manically while bringing fourth destruction, I love it.

One has not truly lived until one has ripped apart a drywall wall with nothing but a crowbar, one’s bare hands, and all the rage one has pent up since the tender age of twelve.

Wow, that’s rough.

Yeah. It’s not all bad though. Crime is low, especially in our area. Most people in our area don’t lock their doors, if a bike gets stolen it’s on the front page of the newspaper, and it’s considered rude to knock because you’re just supposed to walk into the kitchen like you live there.

(Wait until I tell you all the stories about the people growing drugs though. XD)

The government sucks but that’s hardly exceptional.

Before you know it, the horses will be so imbued with your musical tones that they will start singing with you.

My chestnut mare is this close to talking purely to tell me to shut up. The gremlin-gelding (my riding horse) is mostly befuddled by it. (Cut him some slack, he has two brain cells and they’re constantly fighting for dominance) Can’t blame them, I have a horrible singing voice and I make that everyone else’s problem.

So, that channel was mostly an “what’s uploading and editing a basic youtube video like” kinda thing, but I do plan to start it back up someday in the future.

It’s cool! I watched your video on Skyward and it was nice! (Also, just call Kimmalyn adorable. She is.) I never realized what a point you had on Ironsides. I never thought about it but now you brought it up I can’t unsee it. XD

Being filmed talking had gotten easier for me, but I can’t stand having people in rl nearby as I do it, that’s my quirk. xD

Ugh, yes.


and the Dreamworks Moses songs (epic music btw)

Aww, yess, that’s one of the best movies Dreamworks ever made imho. Spirit is up there though XD I love that movie so much, they dynamic between Ramses and Moses was just *chef’s kiss*

I mean, I totally agree with you but *opportunity to tease*  ?

Yaknow, I can’t argue with that. *Grabs popcorn and sits back to watch*

Guns are hotter than you.
You wound me Cathy.

*Throws popcorn in excitement* Ohh, BURN!!

Answer two: I am absolutely fantastic at singing, just like I am at everything else.

All that and humble too.

See, that title is much better. You can’t debate that, it’s perfect.

We can always fall back on Camiravalblahrion.

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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