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Noah Cochran


I have no idea how to reply on a forum so hopefully this turns out right

I was the same way. Here’s a few tips:

  • When talking to someone, copy and paste the “@theirname” that’s under the profile pic, and paste it above your response to them (like you did for calidris).
  • If you want to quote a specific sentence that someone wrote  on SE to respond to it, copy it from their post, click the large quotations button in the bar of icons above the post you are writing (that should indent the writing), and then paste what you copied. After that, click enter a couple times to get out of the quotation.
  • Also, it’s usually easier to respond to multiple people at once with one post instead of creating separate posts. You can denote who you are responding to in that single post by pasting  @their name (like I said in tip one) above the section that is a reply to them. You can then do that for each person.

I hope that was half-way coherent. xD

 I actually have done quite a bit of music theory too!  I sang in a choir from kindergarten to 8th grade, and I was generally a soprano.  The choir director had the students do some music theory books, and the final one got you up to the level of a college music theory student, so I ended up taking the AP Music Theory Exam.

Nice! You’re definitely more advanced then me, and a lot of the more advanced stuff I learned I’ve been forgetting thanks to lack of use. I would like to compose a song someday though.

I love violin music, and I’ve also heard it’s one of the hardest to learn. If I had enough free time, I would attempt it. I play the Ocarina (if you don’t know what that is, you are only the fifty thousandth person to not know, so don’t worry about it xD), and I’ve practice guitar off and on.

You sing opera? That’s great, I’ve always had respect for people who can do that, it’s so powerful and evocative.

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