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Grace Benham


I’m so glad I found other people who love these series!!  I read The Wingfeather Saga years and years ago so I barely remember anything except the main character’s name, the fact that there were Fangs, the sad ending, and the something about the whole monster-dad wolf-brother thing.

If you had to go on adventure with one character from each series, who would you bring?

I don’t remember the other characters from Wingfeather, so probably Janner?  And Helmer!!  He is my absolute favorite!!  Although Heather and Jo are also great.

Who cried at the end of both series?

Yep.  That’s me.  I know I cried at the end of Wingfeather.  I also positively sobbed about Green Ember and it took me a while to recover (I was emotionally scarred).

And (controversial), how does everyone feel about Wheezy?

I don’t know…she’s not really my favorite.  She’s kind of annoying and the Picket-Weezie thing was kind of sudden and random.

What do you think would happen if WFS & TGE characters met each other

Pretty much no idea, but I do think Janner and Heather could get along pretty well since they’re both quieter characters.

How would these characters get along with your own?

For my current *ahem guilty smile* story…I’m think Aubrey and Helmer would get along pretty well ‘cause they’re both fighters and sarcastic.  I actually think Anthony and Kyle would have fun playing off each other, setting aside the I’m-actually-a-slightly-evil-prince part of Kyle.  Picket would probably like Anthony too because everybody likes Anthony!  Sing would gravitate towards Janner because they both love books and stuff.  I think Regina and Heather would really be best friends because they both are interested in the medical field and they’re those super caring types.  Will…I really don’t know who he’d have a particular affinity for…he pretty much can go along with most anybody.

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