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Noah Cochran


So I’m going to tease you about how much you mess with your hair. I was watching your videos on writing tips and you fix your hair like every five seconds 😂 do you not like those strands in your face??

Actually, that’s just it, I don’t like hair in my face or even part way down my forehead. xD But it’s kinda turned into a habit in real life as well.

My plan is to own the bakery, be a writer, and sell my paintings.  I also wanna be a wife and mom so I’m going to have a busy life

That sound’s like a great plan Erynne, it’s great that you have one so early in life. 🙂

Did I offend you?

I was just messing with you. 😉


Lemme tell you, lying on your back trying to shove insulation into a roof a few inches from your face and then trying to nail it down at a ridiculous angle with no elbow room is like the tenth circle of hell.)

Ugh. Insulation (and drywall) is like the one thing I don’t want to do. xD

Knocking down walls is more fun. It always involves lots of manical cackling and big hammers XD

Rose laughing manically while bringing fourth destruction, I love it.

Rampant censorship that nobody seems to notice, unreliable and biased media, and people will definitely snitch on you if they think you’re doing something even mildly illegal.

Wow, that’s rough.

First of all, I love that imagery XD Also, yes. That’s what you’re supposed to do with big property XD If I had a penny for every time I sang musical songs dramatically to the horses I’d be rich.

Before you know it, the horses will be so imbued with your musical tones that they will start singing with you.

I didn’t know you had a channel and I’m totally going to find it, but also, Erynne, have you ever tried to film yourself talking?

So, that channel was mostly an “what’s uploading and editing a basic youtube video like” kinda thing, but I do plan to start it back up someday in the future.

Being filmed talking had gotten easier for me, but I can’t stand having people in rl nearby as I do it, that’s my quirk. xD


😭Whatever helps you sleep at night😁
Okok, I’ll nice, I swear…*1,2,3,4,5* 🥺💥💥I WAS NICE FOR FIVE SECONDS SEE AND I CAN’T DO IT ANYMORE!!!!!💥
It’s ok, you’re still funny and clever and we all love ya…WHICH IS WHY WE MUST TORMENT YOU FOR ALL ETERNITY BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!
*I tried I tried to be nice I want credit for trying XDDD*

So, I’m not quite sure what I just read. This is next level Cathy. 😉

The gist of it I believe, is that you tried to be a loving young woman, failed, and turned back into a  loving young demon.

Ok ok, in all fairness I could go on a huge tangent on how much I hate gender stereotypes and expectations and people should just be themselves the way God made them and authentic guys are much better than totally guyish guys etc etc. *I could do that. But this is way more fun!!!!!*

Depends on how far you take this concept, but yes, I agree.

I will shoot you with my brother’s gun collection my mom won’t allow me to use. *very accusative glare*.

Wait, you’re blaming me for your mom not letting you use your brother’s guns? That’s deep.

Guns are hotter than you.

You wound me Cathy.

are you any good btw? Singing I mean?

How is one supposed to answer that question?

Answer one: I do my best, but I need a lot of improvement.

Answer two: I am absolutely fantastic at singing, just like I am at everything else.

Answer three: I’m decent, I’ve led singing at many church meetings, but my range, and note enunciation could use work. How about you?

You’re welcome Sir “Charming” City Boy

See, that title is much better. You can’t debate that, it’s perfect.

Lol yes you would/have

My deepest and most profuse apologies Cathy, my heart aches at the very thought of insulting a lady.

I mean, I totally agree with you but *opportunity to tease*

You mustn’t pass an opportunity like that up, unthinkable.


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