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Noah Cochran


Howdy Grace! I’m Noah, welcome to SE!

What kind of dancing do you do?

I love to sing, and I also mess around with music theory and instruments. What are some of your favorite genres of music to sing? Where does most of your singing take place and what parts do you usually sing? Do you play any instruments? As you can see, you’ve met an avid music guy. 🙂

My biggest problem is sticking to one story idea, since I get so excited about a new idea that I just jump around to whatever interests me at the time

One of my sister’s is the same way. 😄

Your current work in progress sounds intriguing, keep it up, and just jot down those other ideas you get for now until you finish your current WIP. 🙂

I’m currently doing a first round polish to a medieval action adventure stand alone called The Thief’s Dilemma  and I’ve began brainstorming my first series.

How long have you been writing?

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