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*pops in a-matter-a-factly* I have been summoned tell me there’s cake.

HAHAHAHAHA sorry nope, Meirah (I know I spelled that wrong or have the wrong name completely, forgive me please) ate it all

Ok, death, I am to talk about death.

Yeah, cuz you never do that XD

This sounds deadly.

Ba dum tshhh

and yeah, I totally get the ‘don’t make a big deal about it’ I refuse to apologize for crying or acknowledge it if I’m in the middle of a conversation, although I do want to be comforted sometimes once I’ve let it out I consider the “grieving thing” over. Was there anything you remember especially about your dad? You don’t have to answer that I can be pretty insensitive!!

Don’t ever apologize for crying!! I cry all the time just not over death for some reason. It’s good to cry and honestly it just feels good to cry ya know?

Oh boy, I hardly ever forget anything so I habe a list. I’m really, really glad you asked! I even said “aww” out loud when I read that. People normally treat me differently when they find out about my past and it makes me feel bad and regret even opening up to begin with, so thank you for asking.

He died on Christmas Eve of 2014 (I was 7) so I definitely have several memories of him and I treasure them all. I guess one of my favorites is him and I used to sit on the recliner in our living room in Kansas together and we would watch tv and eat fish sticks with ketchup and mustard mixed together. It honestly sounds disgusting to me now but that’s how he used to do it so that’s how I had to do it. It’s the simplest thing but that’s the only memory that’s mine. It’s not something I’ve been told about over the years or have seen pictures of, it’s just something I remember so it’s different than the others.

Oh my goodness we are so much more similar than we knew about. My best friend and I got into an argument a few months ago and we just haven’t been good since. I feel the exact same way you do! Our moms are best friends from high school so we’ve known each other literally since I was born so this is very difficult for me. If it would help you to talk about it, I’m here for you. It would probably be good for both us especially since neither of us want to tell our parents. I have one other friend I can talk to ( she’s like a sister to me) who is going through a similar thing with one of her friends, but they weren’t that close to begin with so it’s different. I know this isn’t the place (too many stalkers) so if you’re on Pinterest my user is @erynnehedrick or my email is  erynnehedrick@yahoo.com so please please reach out if you would like someone to talk to. I am a judgment free zone and it will only stay between us. (Anddd I might tell you what my cousin was trying to hack on here as me to ask Noah XD)

Thank you so much for your advice, I loved reading that so much <3

Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you ever know who would love the person you hide.

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