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I have never read this Stormlight series!

The closest relatable system I know of out there is Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive series “stormlight” resource kinda like electricity or a type of radiation that is used to power all sorts of magical technological devices and armor though with the help of captured spirits (spren). I like it because the source is created by a single tremendous storm made by the gravitation pull of three moons, which is more of a natural and yet supernatural phenomenon due to being fantasy fiction. I do find it more graspable than “the Force” from star wars or hocus pocus from your average fantasy system. Plus, I think it is more acceptable for christian conservative audiences to have something more of a natural elemental resource than the unseen supernatural with spells and chants. Not saying those are completely bad but must be careful with if we don’t want to dstract the reader from our true purpose of seeing the christian principles in our writing. I am thankful my parents did not forbid me from reading magical fantasy stories. However, they always reminded me to not get caught up in the magical and supernatural stuff, just enjoy the theatrics and story.

I like this idea but if you introduce captured spirits I’m gonna wanna know more about the individuals who are captured and how and the state of their immortal souls if they have immortal souls? That’s an idea that’s used in a lot of different ways, in Dracula vampires are primarily captive souls of men and women bitten by vampires and are imprisoned as Satan’s minions until they’re freed by one of the many rites of exorcism. It’s more sensational than Biblical the author wasn’t Catholic or Christian but he steals a lot of Catholic symbolism and traditions (rather…ok insanely inaccurate but hey, still an interesting read so far). This natural or supernatural according to the rules of the world; fantasy system or magic system? And how morally acceptable is it to harness spirits like they’re pets??

The planet used to be like earth but with some fantasy races until a fight broke out between the planet’s creators. Two divine beings fought and in the end the victor became the loser for the mistake he made by killing his brother and almost destroying the planet out of anger and selfishness. That brother he killed was none other than God himself, his father, who made an avatar to test him. So he cooked burnt and deep-fried his goose. XD God of course showed unconditional compassion and forgave him as his avatar slowly faded away. The rebel awakened to why God did what he did and it was to protect the life of the planet because it is precious. He repented of his sin and was given one last test of what he should do with an abundance of extra power, which was presented as a gift. He had two choices one to please his selfish desire by empowering himself or use it to be what he was meant to be the steward and protector of this world and its life. He made his decision to choose the world and used the power to piece the world back together and restore what was damaged. As his punishment, he exiled himself to live on the planet among its people as mortal would. This is the best way he can learn to show love and compassion to those people, just as God showed him.

So…Cain and Abel but Abel turned out to be God? Tolken used the terminology gods to denote the angels, Gandolf was like the god of sleep or something (see older siblings’ rant on Simerillian two-thousand subtext ten million). Say these are two “minor gods” fighting and as children of God we have God’s Life in our souls and all our good actions are by grace, simply our consent to grace, and an avatar is…now avatar is a hindu term for the “manifestation of a deity or released soul in bodily form on earth; an incarnate divine teacher” or “an incarnation, embodiment, or manifestation of a person or idea”…I don’t quite know, I feel like the idea you’re trying to express is “he did more than just kill someone; he killed part of God a reflection of His Being, something of His Image” and we’re created in the image and likeness of God so every murder is that, is like that and you’re trying to connect the dots with your symbolism kinda overlayed with the Crucifixion? I would personally lose the term avatar because it has a lot of pagan connotations from what I’ve gathered but it is becoming more commonplace. And you’re trying to connect these dots to–in addition–our duty as stewards of the earth and our sins, we ourselves killed Jesus Christ on the Cross by our sins and this is a story about this character discovering how to love as Christ teaches us to love.
Something like that?

This is where the world’s magical system comes into place. The world is made whole again, but everything got bathed in that raw energy and it mutated a good portion of life and the structure of the planet itself. It mutated the genes of creatures, transformed existing species, turned certain creatures into intelligent talking ones (like on narnia) XD, and made new species. This is obviously a part of God’s plan. Now the steward (divine servant being) must learn all over about this world. Nothing comes without a challenge, right? He must also learn the meaning of having Faith in God to guide the way because he can’t do it on his own, for his tremendous power comes from God. He in return must guide these people into knowing who God is and help them survive against the selfish desires of his fellow stewards.

So the world changes and he must rely on Faith, ok I think I’m still following…

Now the with the planet transformed, this resource emanates from a rare type of power crystal that grows in subterranean depths connected to veins of the mother crystal at the core. The planet has many other crystals too, some related to the power crystal but just provide light. Other types of crystals will serve as crafting material or cosmetics. The power crystal is actually sentient, being that will be referred to something like “The Lady” as she serves with steward to care for the inhabitants. I guess she will seem like mother nature. XD There is also a crystal recycling ecosystem of crystal regrowth where there are microscopic particles in the air that are the remanents of old broken crystals reused to renew power crystal energy and energy in light crystals on the surface. Might have some sort of lunar and cosmic events also be involved too.

So Mary is a crystal…Catholics often describe God as the Sun and Mary as the moon symbolically in that she has no light she simply reflects God’s light just like the moon just reflects the light of the sun. Mmm…not quite on-board with that world-building aspect.

Ehhhh…not gonna lie I’m still dubious, but actually showing miraculous occurrences is a kinda very murky waters very difficult to describe very difficult to write in a scene. There’s some potential some stuff that can be ironed out but mother nature crystals kinda turn me off 😉 I don’t think you can really do “avatars” but I can see some aspects that are interesting. I also agree with pretty much all of @taylorclogston’s points..
I’m an amiable skeptic, where are you going with this?

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