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I didn’t understand that Brandon thing either…and I still don’t think I do. Oh well. I hate politics anyway…unless it’s in a fantasy or sci fi novel.

lol true dat

It just somehow seemed like what you’d look like as a chicken. (Never thought I’d type that but here we are XD)

Yes. I approve. Lemmie see it in a pink. 😀

Where to start. I guess I’ll get down to brass tax. Am I a pretty city boy or am I not? It’s hard to debate a screaming demon bantam who teams up with a Erynne, but let’s make compromise shall we ladies? Instead of “pretty city boy,” we’ll call me “charming city guy”. Deal?

😭Whatever helps you sleep at night😁
Okok, I’ll nice, I swear…*1,2,3,4,5* 🥺💥💥I WAS NICE FOR FIVE SECONDS SEE AND I CAN’T DO IT ANYMORE!!!!!💥
It’s ok, you’re still funny and clever and we all love ya…WHICH IS WHY WE MUST TORMENT YOU FOR ALL ETERNITY BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!
*I tried I tried to be nice I want credit for trying XDDD*
Ok ok, in all fairness I could go on a huge tangent on how much I hate gender stereotypes and expectations and people should just be themselves the way God made them and authentic guys are much better than totally guyish guys etc etc. *I could do that. But this is way more fun!!!!!*

I do know how to shoot a gun (some guns anyway), but I am not a fan of guns as a whole. Don’t shoot me.

I will shoot you with my brother’s gun collection my mom won’t allow me to use. *very accusative glare*. Guns are hotter than you.

With these kinds of posts, I’m astonished the FBI hasn’t taken SE down yet XD Maybe they already know writers are like this No. Kidding. Writers are a violent lot.

My FBI agent is mean to me. I looked up serial killer cases once and then months later after I’d all but forgotten it I’m hit with a Pinterest pin that says “studies show people who study serial killers have more interesting conversations”: my FBI agent is mean to me (Yes I know it was you and I’ve named you Bob!!) I also got a birthday pin on my birthday once when I lied about my birthday on every internet form.

Little Cathy imitating rough voiced Johnny Cash, I love it.

Fyi I sang it better *tries to look serious* *literally choking with laughter irl* lol, I was asking for that, wasn’t I?

I love your logic, Cathy.

Absolutely, my logic is flawless.

I have the tendency to go outside and belt everything from Take Me Home Country Roads to From Now On to Danny Boy to Circle of Life. My poor neighbors.

Oh yes!! I belt out almost every Les Miserables song in the movie, and the Dreamworks Moses songs (epic music btw) and the Lion King music and Veggie Tales Silly Songs! I could sing for hours I do sing for hours I sing all day whenever I get the chance, are you any good btw? Singing I mean?

I am now melted and crisped, thank you for your service Cathy.

You’re welcome Sir “Charming” City Boy (:

Of course it’s a compliment. I would never dare to insult you.

Lol yes you would/have 😀

So I’m going to tease you about how much you mess with your hair. I was watching your videos on writing tips and you fix your hair like every five seconds do you not like those strands in your face??

*falls over laughing irl*

but also, Erynne, have you ever tried to film yourself talking? XD One develops the weirdest nervous tics XD I did while practicing for a presentation and I was honestly shocked how many different ways I can fidget. I’m a naturally shy person and fidgeting is my external presentation of internally screaming. (Was that a correct sentence? No, but I’m still going with it. Y’all get me.) Also, apparently I develop an accent in Dutch when I’m nervous and I didn’t realize that until my examinors always started to ask me where I was from afterward XD

I mean, I totally agree with you but *opportunity to tease* 🥺?

Don't let the voices in your head drive you insane;only some of them can drive; most are underage

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