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Noah Cochran

The planet used to be like earth but with some fantasy races until a fight broke out between the planet’s creators. Two divine beings fought and in the end the victor became the loser for the mistake he made by killing his brother and almost destroying the planet out of anger and selfishness. That brother he killed was none other than God himself, his father, who made an avatar to test him.

To be frank, I find this unnecessary. I much prefer fantasy world’s with ambiguous “the creator created it” and from their on out, it’s just a natural world with fantastical elements. I don’t like supernatural fights like that for numerous reasons.

I won’t comment on all the talk about magic systems (go read a thread in the fantasy section about fantasy not being the same thing as magic if you want to see my rather avid thoughts on that subject xD), but I will say that unless this fantastical elements of diamonds and electricity type stuff is harnessing power from the supernatural realm, don’t call it magic.

As for the diamond and fantastical ability stuff itself, I thought it sounded really cool, and would make for an interesting world–if it’s not supernatural.



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