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It’s hard to debate a screaming demon bantam who teams up with a Erynne, but let’s make compromise shall we ladies? Instead of “pretty city boy,” we’ll call me “charming city guy”. Deal?

Oh, and Rose, I’m positively gratified that you would  join my side of this world shaking conflict, may the odds ever be in our favor.

LOL, you were so outnumbered I figured you needed the help XD

You can go ahead and be a country guy I guess. You got more and bigger animals than I do and I’m a country girl. You can even be a charming country guy if you’d like.

You know, I think we go with that one 🙂

Construction, with side jobs in online business, writing, and real estate.

Oh, cool! Do you know which branch of construction you want to get into?

We have an ancient farmhouse which we’ve been restoring so I’ve put up a lot of drywall and put in a lot of insulation. (Lemme tell you, lying on your back trying to shove insulation into a roof a few inches from your face and then trying to nail it down at a ridiculous angle with no elbow room is like the tenth circle of hell.)

Knocking down walls is more fun. It always involves lots of manical cackling and big hammers XD

Longswords are hard to resist. You could be a renowned warrior duchess.

Now, THAT is a career I could see myself in.

No. Kidding. Writers are a violent lot.

You bet we are!! I spent all of Biology daydreaming about how damaging the nervous system would cause paralysis and researching the link between PTSD and psychosis. (Did that have anything to do with what I was supposed to be learning? Not really. Was it still biology? Totally.)


*Ticks “annoy an American” off my to-do list for today*

Wow, I didn’t realize it was that bad. How are freedoms of speech and private business like in the Netherlands?

Eehhh, pretty much like everywhere else. Rampant censorship that nobody seems to notice, unreliable and biased media, and people will definitely snitch on you if they think you’re doing something even mildly illegal. (The neighbours are always watching XD) It sucks but it could be worse and we just have to live with it.

I have the tendency to go outside and belt everything from Take Me Home Country Roads to From Now On to Danny Boy to Circle of Life. My poor neighbors.

First of all, I love that imagery XD Also, yes. That’s what you’re supposed to do with big property XD If I had a penny for every time I sang musical songs dramatically to the horses I’d be rich. (It’s a lot harder to take death by trampling seriously if you’re humming the Pink Panther theme while the horse is spooking.)


So I’m going to tease you about how much you mess with your hair. I was watching your videos on writing tips and you fix your hair like every five seconds   do you not like those strands in your face??

I didn’t know you had a channel and I’m totally going to find it, but also, Erynne, have you ever tried to film yourself talking? XD One develops the weirdest nervous tics XD

I did while practicing for a presentation and I was honestly shocked how many different ways I can fidget. I’m a naturally shy person and fidgeting is my external presentation of internally screaming. (Was that a correct sentence? No, but I’m still going with it. Y’all get me.)

Also, apparently I develop an accent in Dutch when I’m nervous and I didn’t realize that until my examinors always started to ask me where I was from afterward XD

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