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Joshua Scheele


Thanks, I’d always wanted to record and do some level of acting and singing ever since I was really little and when @o’brian-of-the-surface-world started a forum for audios I just had to give it a good go (plus had just been talking about McGyverism anyway so…) I just love singing and acting I can’t believe I ever pushed it to the side to get a “real” job attitude.

That’s awesome! I need to work on becoming better at singing because I could sing all day long. I first need to work on my music theory, kinda rusty.

Oh I definitely need a sturdy laptop I’ve got three brothers! I’m absolutely looking those up, I’ve heard Acer’s a pretty good model too coz they’re designed to get more implants or upgrades and personalizing. How well do you think the MSIs compare and contrast? I know I’ll need to be able to use Photoshop and Adobe Design for school if I get into this course (even tho both of those are ridiculously expensive, Affinity Photo and Designer and Clip Art Studio you said, haveta look at those too…) and Blender which notably takes up a huge amount of space and needs a good graphics card to run renders. Macs are simply evil, my sister’s just died a couple days ago on her last semester. And they deliberately make them impossible to repair with all the screws sized just differently enough you need a different screwdriver for every. single. one.

The Acer Predators, Asus Rogs, and MSI in general are all good, powerful options. Like most laptops, they only allow upgrading the ram and hdd/sdd. Sadly, those graphic and cpu’s there to stay which is why I prefer a regular desktop workstation. They are a better long-term investment. I rate MSI at the top, Asus, and then Acer. I would say their higher end beefy gaming laptop structural quality is very similar. Though most can’t compete with MAC’s solid metal construction. My MSI has a RTX2060 graphics, 16GB of ram, with 500GB SSD and 1 T HDD. So pretty tough as they come. It is a mid-high level laptop.

My sister Sarah has a decent small Lenovo touchscreen laptop that can run Affinity and Clip Art Studio on an external graphics monitor a wacom Cintiq 16 without issue even though it has half the specs my laptop has. Adobe design products are worth using and learning if you can get them on student discount or included with course because they are industry standard. Affinity suite is the closest competitor and uses a similar layout to that of photoshop and can use apple plugin and assets too.

Clip Art is super nice because it has built in wooden dummy like model poser that you can then use for your character without having to draw the body and it is designed specifically for character illustration. If you get the pro version, it will also include manga/comic designer/webtoon designer too. I do prefer Affinity more than Adobe because they are only $50 and sometimes $25 when on sales for one time purchase, no sub needed. I hear they have about 85% of the tools photoshop has.

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