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I guess I’ll get down to brass tax. Am I a pretty city boy or am I not?

It’s hard to debate a screaming demon bantam who teams up with a Erynne, but let’s make compromise shall we ladies? Instead of “pretty city boy,” we’ll call me “charming city guy”. Deal?

You can go ahead and be a country guy I guess. You got more and bigger animals than I do and I’m a country girl. You can even be a charming country guy if you’d like.

I feel ya, you’re welcome to use me as a punching bag I suppose.

Well that’s fantastic because I just got home (like 15 minutes ago) from a 12 1/2 hour long shift and I go again tomorrow! 😃 (I’m actually doing this : 😭😭 but whatever)

So I’m going to tease you about how much you mess with your hair. I was watching your videos on writing tips and you fix your hair like every five seconds 😂 do you not like those strands in your face??

I most definitely do not hunt, I’m a peaceful farmer. I mean, I cut chicken’s throats open, but I’m still peaceful.

I do know how to shoot a gun (some guns anyway), but I am not a fan of guns as a whole. Don’t shoot me.

Ok cool. At least you know how to use a gun. It seems like no one of our generation does. Hunting is a lot of fun dude lol

Construction, with side jobs in online business, writing, and real estate.

Oh cool!! You prolly don’t care but imma tell you mine anyways because I am bored.

I’ve always wanted to teach but that ain’t happening! My dream job is an actress, and this is going to either sound incredibly weird or you’ll totally understand, but if I was a dude I would totally get into politics. My plan is to own the bakery, be a writer, and sell my paintings. Those are all ways I can be my own boss but still glorify God, and it would give me a great opportunity to share The Good News. I also wanna be a wife and mom so I’m going to have a busy life (probably not but ok)


Did I offend you?

Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you ever know who would love the person you hide.

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