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*pretends I’m not late*

Camiblahbavon! My poor dignity.

Lol you’ll get over it. Or you won’t 😛

Sweet. I’ve always wanted to ace an obnoxious test.

The honor is all mine! *is dying with laughter*

That all sounds great! I especially agree about the unnecessary college, the internet and libraries can teach you about anything nowadays. What would the youtube channel be about? What graphic design programs/tools do you use?

My YouTube channel would probably be me goofing off and doing covers for my favorite songs from movies, and then a separate one for my writing, get a good author following, and maybe another one for art tutorials or one to teach all the weird stupid things I’ve ever learned like how to pick a lot and how to balance a fork on your nose or do a cartwheel 🙂
I think my favorite graphic design tool I’ve used so far is Corel Painter Essentials 5 which I do for my art but I do the initial sketches in Manga Studio still and import from that because it has so many awesome brushes!!! I also do basic 3D modeling on Blender but my mom’s computer doesn’t have the server speed or graphics or what to actually render effectively on any of the three render engines so idk if I’m any good I can’t really practice the motions and I’ve only actually “finished” a ceramic egg, a teddy bear and…a couple characters’ faces but they’re not even close to being finished, and I have do primitive rigging I have mastered the basics of absolutely nothing tho 😁I downloaded Inkscapes a while back but I still haven’t even touched it. Right now I’m just hoping my courses are online at least for the first two semesters and thaat’s about all…I’m really very very beginner but hbu?

Me? Gossip? Outrageous.


I am a firm believer of succeeding without degrees. I have gotten a lot of offers on linkedin from recruiters but not the kind I want because those feel you have to have a paper proving you know something. After I get my story started, my skills with graphic design, and web development established, I will work on animation and 3D modeling for some big dream projects hopefully for my story world.

I absolutely agree, but I can’t drive yet and our Internet is so prone to crashing online jobs aren’t generally available so I don’t have much of a say there until I can drive XD (although YES I keep telling my parents about LinkIn and my sister has a LinkIn account now and she’s about to graduate with honors and scholarships out of accounting and got a paid internship from what was supposed to be a free internship and now I’m on a completely different rant bragging about my sister) I mean what’s so important about wasting two years of your life acting like the world acts like a piece of theoretical knowledge?
Yesyesyes! I need to go into animation I have so much I want to show visually and drawing just isn’t enough anymore! And web development, that sounds fun too, working the graphics and all.

Mind as well start singing in the opera if I could. lol XD

*choking with both mental images competing for which is the worse* bwahahahahaha I’m gonna die!

Yeah…. pretend the movies never happened. They put the books to shame. The hare speech voicing acting on the audiobooks could not get any better. Otters are my next favorite voices. Here is a link to a youtube playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_-eq4II4Vg&list=PL5wO5l7NrUrr2_QRCqMWoids8EGOJSNfQ with many of the songs from the audiobooks. They can be quite fun to listen to. I use satellite internet and it can be bad sometimes too.

Yeah, my mom got that for my brother because he loved the books so much. And he–(in Grumpy the dwarf sort of way)– was like “YES! WATCH THAT RIGHT NOW I NEED TO SHARE THESE STORIES WITH YOU!” to “*long rant on how horribly inaccurate those horrible stories were*” but it was great for my baby seven-year-old brother. Once I saw a T-shirt that said “Never judge a book by its movie” I think about that often.
And ugh yes, I think we tried satellite internet once and that didn’t do nada, but we’ve been told next year we’ll get cable so here’s hoping!

I would say it is quite creative and passionate. I am sure you will go even farther as you upgrade your equipment. I hope to create a small recording station as I get further into voice acting.

Thanks, I’d always wanted to record and do some level of acting and singing ever since I was really little and when @o’brian-of-the-surface-world started a forum for audios I just had to give it a good go (plus had just been talking about McGyverism anyway so…)
I just love singing and acting I can’t believe I ever pushed it to the side to get a “real” job attitude.

I recommend to look at the MSI laptops. They are sturdy, but can be on the thick side but have plenty of room for beefy options if you want power. I got the MSI GE75 Raider, a bit pricy but should serve me for a while. It runs the Photoshop alternative Affinity Photo and Designer and Clip Art Studio well. I agree Mac’s are not always a good option even though many of my designer and programmer friends defend them to the end. XD

Oh I definitely need a sturdy laptop I’ve got three brothers! I’m absolutely looking those up, I’ve heard Acer’s a pretty good model too coz they’re designed to get more implants or upgrades and personalizing. How well do you think the MSIs compare and contrast? I know I’ll need to be able to use Photoshop and Adobe Design for school if I get into this course (even tho both of those are ridiculously expensive, Affinity Photo and Designer and Clip Art Studio you said, haveta look at those too…) and Blender which notably takes up a huge amount of space and needs a good graphics card to run renders.
Macs are simply evil, my sister’s just died a couple days ago on her last semester. And they deliberately make them impossible to repair with all the screws sized just differently enough you need a different screwdriver for every. single. one.

Don't let the voices in your head drive you insane;only some of them can drive; most are underage

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