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Noah Cochran

@this-is-not-an-alien and @rose-colored-fancy and @erynne

Where to start.

I guess I’ll get down to brass tax. Am I a pretty city boy or am I not?

It’s hard to debate a screaming demon bantam who teams up with a Erynne, but let’s make compromise shall we ladies? Instead of “pretty city boy,” we’ll call me “charming city guy”. Deal?

Oh, and Rose, I’m positively gratified that you would  join my side of this world shaking conflict, may the odds ever be in our favor. 😉


Yes yes I know I’m just teasing you. Teasing is very relaxing thing to do after a long day e work ya know 😉

I feel ya, you’re welcome to use me as a punching bag I suppose.

1) do you hunt or at least know how to use a gun? (You know that’s part of being country. No pretty city boy can shoot a gun)

I most definitely do not hunt, I’m a peaceful farmer. I mean, I cut chicken’s throats open, but I’m still peaceful.

I do know how to shoot a gun (some guns anyway), but I am not a fan of guns as a whole. Don’t shoot me.

2) what career are you looking to have eventually?

Construction, with side jobs in online business, writing, and real estate.

Aw Noah’s tough he can take it.



Now, that is a very valid point. I might consider the Count of Champagne and the Duke of Saxony if they give me a really good longsword. Then I might contemplate it. Maybe.

Longswords are hard to resist. You could be a renowned warrior duchess.

What a way to find out half the population of SE has been biting their tongues not to insult you.

I’ve found that I’m the guy people like to tease a lot both online and in real life, its strange, but I don’t mind. 🙂

With these kinds of posts, I’m astonished the FBI hasn’t taken SE down yet XD Maybe they already know writers are like this

No. Kidding. Writers are a violent lot.

Also, you’re both wrong. It’s car-ah-mel. And app-ricot and pee-can. *Listens to sounds of American fury with utmost delight.*


Basically… you aren’t allowed to own more than a pocketknife XD And if you so much as wave your knitting needles in someone’s direction and they take offense you get a massive fine. It’s messed up

Wow, I didn’t realize it was that bad. How are freedoms of speech and private business like in the Netherlands?


OH RING OF FIRE WAS MY FAVORITE SONG WHEN I WAS REALLY LITTLE (and my parents never let me forget it, it’s like blackmail because I liked to sing it at the top of my lungs in a little five-year-old voice)

Little Cathy imitating rough voiced Johnny Cash, I love it.

Dude. Everybody knows you’re seventeen over the Internet (…right??) It’s the medium age for most of us here

I love your logic, Cathy.

I am ridiculously pleased with this new information! And yes I LOVE movie songs I’ll spend hours singing with my siblings while parrying wooden swords or plastic tubes (whichever we have on-hand)

I have the tendency to go outside and belt everything from Take Me Home Country Roads to From Now On to Danny Boy to Circle of Life. My poor neighbors.

Can I get you a flamethrower?

I am now melted and crisped, thank you for your service Cathy.

Has decided to take it as a compliment I am a fantastic demon bantam and I shall visit the White House to Go Brandon on Biden as a demon-chicken

Of course it’s a compliment.

I would never dare to insult you.

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