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Noah Cochran


Think about it this way. When you’re reading a book, do you count how many sentences start with the same word? It doesn’t matter that much, especially not for readability. If it’s a serious readability issue that pulls me out of the book, I’ll give you feedback on it, otherwise, don’t worry if a few sentences are stilted.

That’s encouraging to hear, but I’m quite certain mine needs a good deal of work. It’ll get better the longer I write (hopefully).

Really, it’s better than you think

One can hope. 🙂

I’ve found that handing off a manuscript to someone else to read is positively terrifying. At least to me. It’s really scary and I know it made me panic a little. So I’ll repeat, it’s better than you think, have courage

For me, handing over drafts has always felt like… hold on a sec.

That is a great pic. xD I love it.

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