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One thing that probably needs to be worked on the most is the way my sentences are structure, namely in the way they start and how long they last. Do you have any tips for starting sentences with something other than The, He, She, They, or -ing verbs?

Honestly, this probably isn’t as much of a problem as you think it is 🙂 I know, I’ve been there! I’m still there nine times out of ten!

I remember I was really focused on creating beautiful, strong prose during my first draft of my first book. I’d nitpick every sentence and cut every extra word until it was as polished as it could possibly be. And at some point I just started writing trash without even reading it afterward. And then when I reread it I realized I couldn’t tell the difference between the two.

Think about it this way. When you’re reading a book, do you count how many sentences start with the same word? It doesn’t matter that much, especially not for readability. If it’s a serious readability issue that pulls me out of the book, I’ll give you feedback on it, otherwise, don’t worry if a few sentences are stilted. (My draft is full of the most terrible sentences that exist. After all, it’s just a draft, it’ll be fine!)

Essentially, this is a heads up that you will notice many of my sentences are slightly stilted because they start with He’s and She’s a lot, and they tend to be short (meaning more periods).

This is really interesting to hear because that’s exactly the things I used to do. 🙂 (Do I still do that? Maybe, I can’t tell XD)

 I just kinda decided this first revision would be to make the manuscript readable (hopefully readable, sometimes I worry it’s just me who can read it xD).

Really, it’s better than you think 🙂

I’ve found that handing off a manuscript to someone else to read is positively terrifying. At least to me. It’s really scary and I know it made me panic a little. So I’ll repeat, it’s better than you think, have courage 🙂

For me, handing over drafts has always felt like… hold on a sec.

Basically. It’s not that bad, it just feels that way because you’ve read it eighty-million times. 🙂


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