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Noah Cochran


Uh….yeah, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about this, but…well here’s the thing, drafting is way harder, but I like it better. Like way better. xD

I created an entire document of things I would be looking for to improve as I revised (prose tips, sentence structure, spelling, minor plot holes, etc…), but 6 chapters in, I realized I’m pretty much just correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation. xD I clean up sentences and prose here and there, but I just kinda decided this first revision would be to make the manuscript readable (hopefully readable, sometimes I worry it’s just me who can read it xD). One thing that probably needs to be worked on the most is the way my sentences are structure, namely in the way they start and how long they last. Do you have any tips for starting sentences with something other than The, He, She, They, or -ing verbs?

Essentially, this is a heads up that you will notice many of my sentences are slightly stilted because they start with He’s and She’s a lot, and they tend to be short (meaning more periods).

So to answer your question after all that chatter, it’s going fine, but I don’t care for it much, and it’s taking a different route than I thought it would.😄

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