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Emma Walker

@erynne so when she was sixteen, a man who was Wonadi, a magical human type that uses the Dark Magic, forced her, by using the Dark Magic, to kill the then Duke Karson. Does that make sense?
The man knew he would inherit a portion of the Duke’s wealth when the Duke died, so naturally he thought the sooner the better.
He used the magical abilities of the Wonadi, and took over her body through his mind, controlling her and forcing her to kill him.
Jonathan walks in right as she lifted the dagger against the Duke. She falls unconscious do to the strain of fighting the Dark Magic, and the Duke is unharmed.
What the evil dude whose name I can’t remember didn’t know (she didn’t know either at that time) was that she was also Wonadi and because of that was able to withstand the powers and blacks out.

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