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If you wanted to reguess based on the knowledge of her age (as mentioned earlier), then do that before you read this XD but again y’all don’t have to.

And now….. dun dun duhhhhh



That sounds like a very interesting concept, with her being colorless and all.

Thank you! She is the main character in two stories, one specifically about her when she’s younger, and one where she’s a close family character when she’s way older.

She gets the lack of color genetically.
I have three magical human types, Lepai (who control the Light Magic), Wonadi (who control the Dark Magic), and Mallea (who control Earth Magic).
Lepai have red hair and blue eyes, Wonadi have thick, almost porcupine-like hair that’s darker in color, and dark, almond shaped eyes. And a tanned skin tone.
Mallea have pointed ears, and pale skin because they live underground and lack the sun’s rays. Their hair color is cool colors, blue, purple, gray etc. Their eyes are warmer colors, orange, yellow etc.

So each kinda fought to be shown, and she lost her color because of all the wack colors.

Name: Violet… or Rose… (Yes I know they are colors, but there’s nothing I love more than a good dose of irony every now and then)

Lol she has two or three names, depending on which way you address her at this time. Usually it’s Avli. Just Avli Karson if you’re close to her. But she’s Duchess Karson to others, and Princess Avilyn to some as well, although she prefers the Duchess over Princess.

Age: Late teens? 19 maybe?

Like I said earlier, the picture is of her younger, but in this particular story she’s wayyy older. I thought she would look like she was in her thirties at least. In this story she’s 58.

Career/Role in story: Main character, especially with her situation

She’s a kinda main character in this particular story. She’s the Duchess, a mother of five, and a grandmother, and her adopted son’s wife has invited some of her younger siblings to stay at the mansion, so she’s always doing something. Like teaching one how to embroider or teach manners of high society to them. Or playing games.

Personality: Charismatic, Very friendly and lively, tries to make up for her colorless appearance with a colorful personality.

Yes! Righto. She can be pretty and polite one minute or chasing a baby goat down the corridors in the next.

Would you be friends with this character?: Yes

Me too, 😉

Any other details you may have gotten from the picture: Other than her colorless quirk… she’s probably in a more victorian/edwardian/one-of-those-history-‘ian’s type setting. Would not know how to use a smart phone.

Lol yes though.

What would her nickname be: Unsure

Hmm I don’t think she has one.

Her greatest strength: She tries not to let what makes her different hold her back. She maintains her confidence in spite of it.

When she was younger, no. But now in this particular story she does.

Her fatal flaw: She can get a little too overconfident and get herself into a tough spot because of it.

Hm. Idts. I don’t really know this one though. Guess I should. XD

Phrase that this character is likely to say: “If you say one more joke about me looking a bit pale today, so help me I will break several rules of etiquette, right here, right now.” (I don’t honestly know, but the image entertains me).

Honestly she would probably say that to her husband Jonathan. XD I love that. May I use it?

Favorite color: A bright aqua blue

Well if she can see color, maybe, but also like all colors? If she can’t see color, than she will have trouble on deciding a favorite.

Family status: Alive and well, they’re also a bit protective of her.

Her parents? Oh gosh. This will be long XD

So her father is the King of Terriad. I pulled a “Henry VIII type situation” and had him marry and remarry until he had a son, or a son he didn’t think was cursed. So when she was a baby, her mother was divorced and they were sent away, where her mother remarried and lived with her new husband who took Avli as his own flesh and blood. And that’s what she thought for the longest time was that this man who raised her was her blood father. Anywho, she had no other siblings, and when she was small her mother died. Her father became a butler for the then Duke Karson, who was Jonathan’s dad. And the Duke brought her up as his daughter too, so she had like two dads that weren’t her dad. Later, after stuff, she finds out she’s actually a princess, and has two half sisters and two half brothers, only one of whom was actually treated like or knew he was a prince. So her family is quite complicated.

Single or taken?: Single.

As I’ve already mentioned, she’s married to Duke Jonathan Karson.

Children: None


Sterling, Windsor, Alexander, Cassidy, and Bethany.

Hobbies: Painting. Things that involve adding more color to her world.

Oooooo but no. XD she embroiders tho, so that’s like painting but with a needle and thread?

I doubt any of it’s correct, but she sounds very interesting just from your earlier hints.

It was fun tho. Thank youuuuuu



1) Name: Melissa (or The Enigmatic Beauty, your choice)

I love that. I. Love. That. Not Melissa, the other one. XD Can I take that?!

Her name is Avli, Duchess Avli Karson.

2) Age: 44 (or 94, hard to say)

Lol she’s Fifty-eight

3) Career/Role in Story: Trying to figure some sort of mystery, while dealing with her suitors

Lol she’s like the grandmother/mother figure in this particular story. (See Sarah’s too if you want more details lol)

4) Personality: Confident, mature, homicidal

Heh heh heh. Oop. She did attempt a murder but she was being forced by magic, and this was when she was sixteen, that’s forty-two years earlier. Not anymoreeee XD She’s really kind and confident and at times the perfect portrait of a Duchess, or Princess, but other times she’s being playful and joking around.

5) Would you be friends with that character?: She’s beautiful…but she is also homicidal, so…absolutely! 😉

Lolol okay then.

6) Any other details you may have gotten from the picture: She’s well over 3 ft tall

How did you get that from the picture?

Lol she’s actually a tiny lady. Like me, fun sizeddddd. 😀

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