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That made me emotional too XD

Those are all things I would adore. I know I do that to books and characters, it would mean the world for someone to do it to mine.

My things would be for people to cry over my books. I love books that make me cry and I would love to crush someone’s soul because I killed off their favorite character or something happened that made them cry.

Another thing would be for people to be able to relate to my characters. I want someone to say that so and so is their favorite character because they can relate to them and understand them.

And my final thing, the thing I would ad most thrilled about, is fan mail. I am total fangirl and there are many many authors and celebrities that I would love to write to and if heard a response I would… Probably need to be hospitalized to be honest 😂 If I could do that to someone else, get them excited because the author of this book that they love responded to their letter or email, that would mean more to me than my response does to them.

Of course that sounds really selfish but I’ve always loved that idea

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