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We pretty much did the same thing for ol’ Joe. He was just an idiot then let’s go Brandon got invented.

I’m still waiting for a good, insulting name to call him. Let’s go Brandon is brilliant though XD

*hugs you back because you’re sweet and Dutch*

*Akward cough* I’m not… actually Dutch but okay XD I’m in the Netherlands, not of the Netherlands XD


HAHA!!! Don’t you love when people pull out the Bible verses and end an argument because you can’t argue with the bible!!

Yeah so do I. What’s the gun laws wherever it is you actually live?

Lemme see…. as far as I remember, you aren’t allowed to own any kind of weapon unless you have a hunting permit and then you’re only allowed to hunt small game and I think you have to store your gun somewhere else throughout the year. You’re allowed to own guns with a permit but only if you keep them at a shooting hall.

You aren’t allowed to carry any weapon in public or in the front of the car, it has to be in the back. You aren’t allowed to use a bow and arrows unless you jump through a dozen hoops to warn neighbours and then they don’t have cutting edges.

Basically… you aren’t allowed to own more than a pocketknife XD And if you so much as wave your knitting needles in someone’s direction and they take offense you get a massive fine. It’s messed up XD

Haha thank you. I’ve got a writing board you might find helpful. It’s got all kinds of stuff on it.

Cool, I’ll check it out!

Wow, thank you, Rose. I just like teasing after a long day of work (with more to come so look out)

LOL, mood XD That’s what one has siblings for! XD

Err… I’ll just stay out of that one XD

LOL, that bad? XD

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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