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Ngl, we’ve been trying to come up with a nickname for our PM that sticks XD “Liar” is the current most popular one though “I can’t remember” is also popular. Or just his name with an entire string of curse words attached XD

We pretty much did the same thing for ol’ Joe. He was just an idiot then let’s go Brandon got invented.

*Decides that punching you in the face isn’t going to help and gives you a hug instead*

*hugs you back because you’re sweet and Dutch*

God made you in his image and everything he makes is beautiful. *End of argument XD*


Ngl, American weapon laws are beyond me. Every time I talk to an American they’re like “Yeah, we own a fully automatic machine gun, two shotguns, seventeen throwing knives, four swords and a bow and arrows.”

Oh yeah that’s definitely ‘merica for ya. Hunting season is in you know

Personally, I agree that people should be allowed to own weapons but it sounds incredibly surreal XD

Yeah so do I. What’s the gun laws wherever it is you actually live?

Followed you on Pinterest! Your boards are cool!

Haha thank you. I’ve got a writing board you might find helpful. It’s got all kinds of stuff on it.

Some people don’t know when to stop, do they? XD

Wow, thank you, Rose. I just like teasing after a long day of work (with more to come so look out)

Also, you’re both wrong. It’s car-ah-mel. And app-ricot and pee-can. *Listens to sounds of American fury with utmost delight.*

Err… I’ll just stay out of that one XD

Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you ever know who would love the person you hide.

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