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Oh my goodness, I am so terribly sorry about the tardy reply!! :O I can’t believe it took me so long to get back to y’all! 🙁 Again, apologies, my schedule has been terribly busy.


Oh, that’s wonderful that you’ve written so much in surprisingly little time! Welcome to the rollercoaster world of writing! 🙂 What’s been hardest for you to learn?

I’m so glad you found my premise interesting! 🙂 I actually became interested in the time period after reading Albert Marrin’s biography of Stalin. It’s very engaging and vivid, without being overly gruesome. I highly recommend it. 🙂 I don’t know that I enjoy the Cold War so much as the 30’s in particular, probably because it’s not as written about as the forties, though it set everything up for the following decade. (You ran into a history geek here! Hahaha!)

Oh that’s awesome! I actually have not studied that period very much at all. I’ll have to look it up! Oooh interesting premise! What are they trying to steal?

Hahaha! Glad you found it funny. Literally off the top of my head. 🙂


She’s lovely! If you don’t mind, I might borrow her for character inspiration for a short story myself. 😉 (The new one is lovely, too!)

Hahaha! Yes, I can completely relate to that feeling! I try to not answer too often for that reason and I turned off email notifications XD So feel free to join or not join, it’s completely up to you! 🙂

I love your premise. Hahaha! Actually, I personally tend to favor novellas over novels and standalone or duologies over trilogies. 🙂 But that’s just my opinion. Wow! Congrats! That’s amazing! I hope the rewriting goes phenomenally well. 🙂

Thank you for asking! I’m currently 10,000 or so words into my novella. Gee, my favorite thing is probably the characters and the dialogue. I also love writing scripts and doing theater, so those things go together extremely well. I enjoy having my characters “improvise” on the page, similar to what you would do in theater.


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